What To Do At The Funeral?

Attending funerals are a cause of concern to you. You often stay in a dilemma about how to behave and words of comfort that you can say the family. The emotional attachment you have with the deceased and its family leaves you at a loss of words. Here is a guide that will help you attend a funeral decently.

Attending the funeral

Following the death of an individual, most cultures ensue it with the customs of visitation, calling, or wake. A call of courtesy gets initiated at the funeral home, before the cremation. At the ceremony, an open or closed casket gets kept with flowers ornamented over the display, and visitors’ present words of comfort or support to the family of the deceased person.

The public event gets attended by family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and even acquaintances who perform prayers, eulogy, and other customs. You need to offer condolences and also greet the mourners, acknowledging your presence.

Respecting the culture, depositing ceremonial shovels into the grave gets followed by the funerals. The members close to the deceased initiate the ceremony, in which the family performs the rituals at first, followed by others. You can always recall fond memories of the deceased as it spurs smiles as well as laughter at the gathering. Also, taking meals together with friends and family is considered as a symbol of the continuation of life and offers a farewell moment from the deep emotions of the death ceremonies.

Expressing condolences

We often ponder for the things that we must say for communicating solace. Grieved yourself by the individual’s death, you keep at a loss of words. Here are some thoughts that you can share with the family of the deceased:

  • What a wonderful person he/she was!
  • You know how much the departed soul loved and cared for everybody.
  • You are usually up early or late if the family needs anything.
  • You’re so grieved to hear the news.
  • How much you loved the person and the way you feel now.
  • The pain you feel for the person who is left behind.
  • The departed soul will extremely get missed by everyone.
  • You can also give a hug instead of saying anything.
  • You can say that you wished to have the right words, let them know you care.

You can tell appreciable words such as recounting the anecdotes, talking about accomplishments and recall the warm remembrances of the deceased person. Understand its a decorum of genuine affection to console the dear ones.

Dressing up for the funeral

A conservative way of dressing is the most respected manner to dress up for the funeral. You need not dress black, but make sure you do not wear fancy dresses or bright colors.

Consider the following things when you dress up for the funeral:

  • The place where the ceremony is going to beheld is also a point to consider. A beach gathering will be more casual than the worship place.
  • Bear a formal, conservative attire.
  • It is completely acceptable if you ask about what to wear to the immediate family members or the funeral directors in Brisbane. It is also a possibility that the deceased might have wished for a specific dress preference on the ceremony day.
  • Try to dress up in unison with other mourners as standing out may not be a good idea.
  • Some cultures may have specific traditions for the funeral. Consider those traditions and perceive their preferred dress up for the funeral.

Dress-not etiquettes at the funeral 

  • Understand that it is the funeral time, and not the time that you should stand apart from the crowd. Wear as per the traditions and behaviors.
  • As overdressing, underdressing is something that should get avoided at the ceremony. Also, wear a decent pair of footwear, but not flip flops.
  • The reason for you being at the funeral is to show respect to the deceased. Do not wear something that disrespects the departed soul.

Wrapping up 

A funeral is not a thing that gets celebrated its something that makes you mourn. Be mindful of the following things while going on a funeral, if still, things confuse you, you can always seek guidance from the funeral directors Melbourne. 




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