What to Choose Between Coral Free Bet and 10bet Offer?

Two of the main types of sign up bonuses that bookies use to tempt you to bet on their platform are like the coral free bet or the 10bet free bet. Both of them are very attractive and sometimes it may be hard to choose only one of them. In this article, you will see which one is more suitable for you. The decision should be made after considering some factors because it will affect your betting experience and even your potential winnings.

These two offers are very different from each other. The first difference being the amount you must deposit. The Coral offer requires only a low amount of £10 and you get £30 in free bets while 10bet has a variable requirement, you must deposit between £15 and £50 and the bonus you will get is equal with the amount deposited.

The second difference is the method through which you get the bonus. You must bet the  £10 you deposited and wait for the settlement before you get the bonus from Coral. On the other hand, 10bet offers the bonus on the spot after you make the deposit.

Coral Free Bet Explained

The full conditions you must meet before getting the  Coral free bet  are:

– Age and Location. You must be at least 18 years old and live in England or Ireland. If you live anywhere else or you are minor you can not benefit from this offer. This applies to the 10bet free bet as well and to all other offers.

– Qualifing Bet. If you want to qualify for the offer you must place a bet of £10 that has the minimum odds of 1.5. It must be made within 14 days from the moment you registered your account. After the bet is settled you will get 3 free bets, each of £10 stake. If you do not make the bet in the required period you will lose the bonus.

– Free bets expiration date. You must use your free bets within 4 days of getting them. Otherwise, you will lose them. You can withdraw the winnings without another requirement but if you win a free bet you will not get the stake back, only the winning.

As you can see this type of free bets are dressed nicely but if you do not rethink them for a bit you may be disappointed. The first risk you must consider is the loss of the £10 staked in the qualifying bet because the odds are 1.5, the possibility to lose is not low.

The second thing you must consider is the odds for the free bets. Because you do not get the stake, only the winning you must understand that if you choose low odds, even if you win it won’t be a high amount. But if the odds are big then your chances of winning are very low. You must consider carefully before choosing this bonus.

10bet Free Bet Explained.

Unlike the Coral offer, the  10bet free bet  is much easier to access. All you must do is deposit the required amount and you will get an equal amount in bonus money. The only other condition is to be over 18 years old. On the other hand, before you can withdraw anything you must accomplish a very hard condition. You must wager 8 times the amount you deposited and the bonus you got before being able to withdraw the winning bonus into real money. And you must do this within 30 days of acquiring it. The bets you make count only if they have odds of 1.8 or if you make Acca bets each selection must have at least 1.4 odds.

Although it sounds impossible to accomplish it but it is not. You can many small bets at a time and after they settle you can do this again using the money you obtained from the bets you won. Repeating this can very easily accomplish this requirement. The amount of money you won or lost at the end depends mainly on your skills, knowledge, and partially on luck.

You have a much bigger winning potential with this offer than the Coral free bet but at the same time, the chance to lose everything is much higher as well. You should make your choice depending on the amount of money you are willing to risk and your betting style. The most important thing is to have a good time while betting and you should not change your style because of an offer.



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