What should you know about  C9020-668 IBM Storage Technical V1 Test?

What should you know about  C9020-668 IBM Storage Technical V1? What are the capabilities?

IBM Certified Professional – Storage Technology V1, IBM Storage Technical V1.

First, as a qualified IBM storage technologist, what basic knowledge should you know?

1), will negotiate with customers to collect and understand customer needs, and ultimately determine the correct solution;

2) You should know which resources you can use to develop solutions;

3) Have an in-depth understanding of the characteristics, industry terms, functions and advantages of IBM storage solutions;

4) Understand the more common competitive products in the corporate domain.

2. As a professional IBM storage technology expert, what tasks should you be able to accomplish independently?

1) Start the TDA process;

2), determine the product positioning;

3) Collect customer requirements;

4) Provide technical details of TCO analysis;

5) to show customers the IBM storage product line;

6) Explicit characteristics and advantages of IBM storage solutions;

7) Develop basic technology topology and architectural design;

8) Identify competitors and the right tools to determine the performance of the solution.

3. As a professional IBM storage technology expert, what tasks can you perform with assistance?

1) Plan to implement this solution as part of the pre-installed TDA;

2) Respond to RFP in the enterprise storage area;

3) Determine the risks associated with the proposed solution;

4) Perform a demonstration of the storage solution;

5) The detailed design of the complete solution;

6) Submit RPQ/SCORE request;

7) Mitigating competitors;

8) Execute IBM TDA.

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At the same time, as a professional IBM storage technology expert, you should also know how to use the following tools and resources: eConfig; IBM PartnerWorld; size tools such as Disk Magic, Capacity Magic, and Batch Magic; IBM Comprestimator Utility; storage hosted by Alinean Integrated assessment tools; System Storage Interoperability Center (SSIC) and Butterfly Research.

In addition, you must also have direct technical storage experience for about 12 months and have six months of IBM-specified storage product experience.

If you are certain that you already have these capabilities mentioned above, the next step is to test:

IBM Certified Professional – Storage Technical V1 certification requires 1 test: C9020-668. This assessment test can help you understand what you have learned and consolidate what you have learned, without any additional resources or mandatory payments.

After the test is completed, it is the part of the exam.

The IBM Storage Technology V1 (C9020-668) exam is a one-and-a-half-hour exam with 60 questions.

The exam covers a total of 4 topics:

1) Customer environment, requirements and plans;

2), product information;

3) Application of resources and tools;

4) Hybrid cloud and analysis concepts.

The solutions included in the IBM Storage Technology and C9020-668 exams are IBM Flash Storage; Software-Defined Storage, including IBM Spectrum Suite; IBM Spectrum Accelerate, IBM Spectrum Control, IBM Spectrum Protect, IBM Spectrum Archive, IBM Spectrum Virtualize and IBM Spectrum Scale; Cloud Object Storage and IBM Tape Solutions (TS7700, TS3500, TS4500, TS7760) and Technologies (LTO/LTFS).

Under the premise of mastering enough technologies, we must go through the IBM Storage Technical V1 certification, plan our future career, keep learning habits, and deepen our own technology. In the future, your value will be higher and higher.



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