What Should You Expect from Septic Tank Maintenance?

Septic tank is the on-site sewage system that collects and treats water waste that is not connected to the main system. Septic tanks are generally made up of two chambers and can be installed at any type of property. Septic tanks serve as the parallel system to the municipal drainage system, and therefore regular septic tank maintenance is needed for its smooth functioning. The maintenance includes regular cleaning, taking care of the septic tank field and surroundings, and preventing certain things to enter the septic tank. Every tank has a cleaning cycle that can be found out by the team of professionals after complete examination of the tank.

Regular cleaning

Regular cleaning and pumping play an important role in septic tank maintenance as the process prepares the septic tank to collect and treat more water waste:

• The tank should be regularly cleared of all the water. This is done with the help of the pump after the deposits settle down at the bottom,

• Once the water is drained out, the bottom is then cleaned of all the deposits including the walls of the tank.

• The pipes, the filters, and other small parts of the septic tank system are also cleared of all the deposits from their walls.

• After cleaning is done, water is run through the system to cross-check any blockage and clogging left during the cleaning process.

• Although septic tank has natural bacteria that breakdown the waste but sometimes few additives can also be added if the waste generated has many stubborn deposits in it.

After the pumping and cleaning is done, the septic tank is ready for use again.

The septic tank field and surroundings

Septic tanks are generally installed underground, and therefore some simple things should be kept in mind for septic tank maintenance:

• Trees and grass should not be planted on the ground above the septic tank because the roots may destroy the pipes and walls of the system.

• Heavy vehicles should not be parked either because the weight of the vehicle can damage the system.

• The field above the septic tank should not be covered with concrete or another solid floor because it may create problem while cleaning and pumping the septic tank.

Some prevention for septic tank

While regular cleaning is an important part of maintaining, there are certain things that should be prevented from entering the septic tank:

• All types of oils, grease, and paints should be prevented from entering the septic tank.

• Baby’s wipes and make-up wipes should not be flushed in the toilet.

• Sanitary pads, tampons should be disposed of in the bin instead of being flushed.

• Bandages, plasters, and cotton buds should also be disposed of and not flushes.

• Medicinal needles and razors should not reach the tank either.

All the above items block and damage the pipes and the system of the septic tank which may breakdown the whole system leading to repairs and replacement of different parts. Therefore, preventing certain things from entering the system is a part of septic tank maintenance.


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