What Should I Pack For My Toddler For Day Care?


Preparing and packing the food for your little one for preschool Highgate is undoubtedly a challenging job. However, preparing a boring meal not only disappoints them but also they would bring back home their lunchbox without even tasting. Besides, making little one eat can be quite challenging as they prefer to taste a variety of dishes or may be a picky eater. Hence, if you are looking for interesting ideas, you are in the right place.

Healthy recipes for toddlers

The food items should be pleasing enough to your little one as well as should be simple to prepare in less time. However, you cannot compromise on the quality when it comes to toddlers. So, what can be the best snacks or lunch ideas for a 3 year old is going to the Highgate childcare centre? – Probably this might be the question in your mind. Here are some healthy food ideas for your toddlers to be packed for day care.


Be it a chicken or ham or a simple veggie sandwich, kids like it. It is simple to make and taste delicious when you prep it with your kids favourites. All you need is bread, cheese, butter, sliced vegetables, and boiled chicken slices or ham slices.


Everybody loves to eat chicken and you can hardly find any kid who is not interested in chicken. It is a great choice as it will give your toddler his or her correct share of protein in lunch and he will never complain of boring lunch and finish it up in no time. Grilled steaks can be done easily, and you can get it prepared it the previous night as well. Grill the chicken and cut it up into small cubes so that it is convenient for your child to have it. Add some boiled potatoes, carrots, and peas as well. Finally, sparkle some salt and pepper and steak is ready.


Eggs are something kids will never get bored off. You can also cook different varieties. From poaches to eggs and boiled eggs, everything is easy to make. Besides, they are healthy and will add to the right amount of protein for your kid. You can pair them with some potatoes or bread.


It is easy to cook and every child loves noodles. If you want it to be healthy, you can go with homemade noodles that your kid will enjoy.

You don’t have to worry about your kid’s lunch for childcare Highgate anymore. With these recipes, you can cook a great meal for your little with little or more modifications.

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