What Makes WordPress an Almost Perfect Platform for Your Website?

Launched in 2003 as an open source blogging platform, WordPress is today one of the most popular content management systems and has a substantial share in the digital marketing tools market. What started as a portal for personal blogs is now the very foundation of numerous business websites.

While the repute of WordPress may be pretty evident, the ones who have not used it yet may have several questions.

  • Why do so many people blog on this CMS portal?
  • Will a site hosted on this platform get seen in Google search results?
  • What are the security aspects of WordPress?

Let’s look into some of the features of this platform for answers to the frequently asked questions.

You can craft any website with WordPress

In addition to being a blog publishing portal, WordPress is very versatile and offers lot of flexibility to design any kind of website. You may wish to have your own blog, an e-commerce store to sell your products or a website where customers can book service / appointment online with you, WordPress gives you a supportive base.  It also features a wide range of themes and plug-ins that enhance its functionality and customise its sections to a considerable extent. You can opt for professional WordPress hosting in UK if you wish to have a unique domain name instead of basic .wordpress.com account.

It is highly SEO-friendly especially for Google

Google and other search engines display and position websites in their search results on the basis of different predefined factors. The more parameters a website fulfils, the higher are its chances of getting a good rank in search results.

What makes WordPress stand out here is its ability to fulfil all SEO responsibilities expected from a CMS. Furthermore, there are multiple SEO plug-ins that help to further enhance the visibility of a WordPress website.

It has admirable levels of security

This web platform comes with high standards of security. Hackers do try to device ways to get into the websites built through this CMS tool but the WordPress technicians and community continuously work to protect users from such threats.

You too can take further care of your site by regularly logging in and updating it. Hacking only happens when the users lack basic knowledge about a technical tool.

It easily supports multimedia

A rich text editor called WYSIWYG in WordPress supports smooth uploading of images, videos, audio files in any blog posts. All experienced bloggers know how important is multimedia to the success of their content and they need a platform where they can conveniently insert such multimedia into their webpages. With WordPress this is just a matter of one click.

Large Community Helps in Troubleshooting

This platform has already built a huge community of regular bloggers and developers. It has a well managed support forum where millions of queries are resolved and solutions are offered to troubleshoot problems.

Mostly, you just need to search for your question and find and answer already published as the same query might have been used by other users. Even if it is a new question, it will be answered in minimum time.

Choosing WordPress for your website comes with its own rewards. To begin a successful digital marketing campaign you can also contact professional web hosting services.



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