What Kind of Flowers do You Give for Graduation?


For centuries, flowers have been given to mark all the special events in life. It is no wonder that they are given for graduates. Graduation flowers are a great way to congratulate the graduate, no matter if you are sending to their home as a surprise gift through flower delivery Berkeley or presenting a bouquet to hold at the graduation ceremony. Flowers can definitely bring joy to the graduate and brighten their day!

Maybe you are wondering how to incorporate flowers into graduation day, or you need help in choosing the right flowers, grab these tips suggested by the best florist in Berkeley CA.

When you are looking for flowers to the graduate, look for an arrangement that matches the graduate’s class colours or clothing. If finding it difficult, go with red or white blooms, or a bright seasonal bouquet, as they are always an appropriate choice.

For the Graduate


Orchid leis are one of the popular congratulatory flowers to present the graduate due to their long-lasting quality. When a person gives a lei, it symbolizes their affection towards the other and it is traditionally given when someone is arriving and leaving. That’s why this design is given to graduates as they are leaving school and going to start a new stage of life. You can also send an orchid plant for graduation day.


If you are planning for roses, give the graduate whatever color you think they’ll appreciate. A single roses is a thoughtful gift as well.


Carnations are always popular, and a great choice for men. They come in a range of spectacular natural colors including, red, white, orange, pink, yellow, and purple. There are always new breeds and colors being introduced. When you pair carnations with lilies, roses, and chrysanthemums, they flawlessly portray a graduate’s fresh beginning and excitement for all the new things to come.

For the graduation party 

If you are throwing a graduation party, don’t forget that flowers make the perfect décor. Incorporate celebratory blooms like roses, carnations, tulips, orchids, and daisies.

As yellow flowers symbolize new beginnings and success, decorate the space with more of yellow and green. When green and yellow blooms are put together, they not only brighten the space but also a great way to celebrate the party and wish them well.

Choose a theme and be consistent. Whether it is the school’s color themed party or the graduates’ favorite color scheme, maintain consistency in the centerpiece and other floral decor.

If you are not sure about the flowers for decoration, get help from the Berkeley florist as they can guide you to pick the right blooms.

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