What Is Beacon?- Everything You Need To Know

Beacon has generated huge buzz around the world in a very small span of time. According to the experts, this technology has great potential that can be a breakthrough in changing digital market. A lot of stories are being woven in this space that depicts beacon as a great market player, which will transform the whole human interaction with devices and digital facilities.

A lot of industries are striving to leverage this technology to offer consumers ease in various activities. However, for general people, this technology is an unknown aspect, even if they are using devices or application aided with beacon. Possibly, you would have heard about beacon and still don’t know what is this exactly. So, in this post, you will get insights of important aspects of beacon technology.

What is beacon? 

A beacon is small machinery that transmits signals to other devices. In short, it is a Bluetooth radio transmitter, that broadcasts a radio signal, which is made of numbers and letters that gets transmit on a regular time interval. This time interval is approximately 1/10th of a second.  A smart device having Bluetooth such as smartphones can track the beacon in its range. This concept is like a sailor looking for a lighthouse, when it finds it starts receiving signals. Apple named this small transmitter as “beacon”, which was given to its trademark based on beacon technology.  Devices like smartphones can identify the beacon signal with the right app when it comes in its range. The major task of this transmitter is identifying the location of mobile devices that are in its range.

Beacon also known as iBeacon, that basically describes its major functionality. This functionality is allowing mobile apps to listen to the signal from beacons (transmitters) and respond accordingly. Fundamentally, this technology enables applications to comprehend device position on a micro-local scale and provide hyper-contextual content to the users available in the range of beacon. In this scenario, Bluetooth Low Energy is underlying technology.

In essence, bluetooth low energy is a technology based on wireless personal area network that allows BLE to transmit data over a short distance. Though, the basic feature that makes it different from normal bluetooth is consumption of low energy. Altogether, it maintains cost while maintaining the range equal to general Bluetooth.

What does beacon transmit?

These small transmitters throw the messages into the air, and these messages include unique ID numbers and any old message.  In this context, unique ID is a crucial entity that tells the device (receiving message) that beacon is available nearby. Simply, it is nothing more than a code name.

What does happen behind the scene? 

Many people have an irrelevant misconception that beacons are tracking them. In fact, beacons are just to broadcast signals.

* One can manage, configure and update all his beacons with an online platform.

* From there, one can develop his own application. Altogether, a program known as Content Management System can also be used.

* Such systems enable association of links, images, videos and text with an individual beacon.

* These platforms are greatly user-friendly, and one doesn’t need to know coding to use these platforms. These are easy to use.

Surely, we all are aware of the functionalities of bluetooth, and it is available in  90% phones today. So, what is new in beacons?

Well! a majority of consumers don’t utilize bluetooth devices on a daily basis.  While utilization is very important for Internet of Things, and availability in more than 90% of mobile apps, signifies bluetooth technology is compatible with devices of daily use.

As bluetooth is a chief component in the ecosystem of beacon. This is a standard for sending and receiving data over a short distance. In other words, it is a wireless technology different from Wifi. That’s why beacon-enabled hardware can be simple. Besides, bluetooth web is already prevalent around the world that can offer a stringent network to devices for connecting automatically anywhere,

How beacon can be used?

Well! beacons can be used in a variety of ways. Various industries are leveraging its potential in dissimilar ways. The most admired utilization is for real estate industry. With the help of this technology, beacon-enabled application can notify the users about the available properties whenever a buyer passes by a particular beacon. In short, whenever a buyer will pass by any property (having beacon), beacon will transmit a message that will notify the buyer ( through a mobile application) about the vacant property.

For restaurant and retails, this technology can be great opportunity to earn profits, and it allows these businesses to send the offer and deal messages on the mobile of passing potential consumers. Besides, restaurant can send tailored menu and retails can send the available products with deals. It allows businesses to attract potential consumers.

What are the benefits of beacons? 

This technology is wonderful and has a variety of applications. Here are the major benefits of beacon technology.

* Allows businesses to do out-of-store marketing, as businesses can send important information to their targeted audience by transmitting the message through the beacon.

* Enables advanced data gathering, as businesses can gather reliable information based on the activities of customers moving through the stores.

* Make customers be informed about all the options of services available near them.

* Provide customers with targeted ads and offers from their favorite brands and more.

Indeed, this technology is very fruitful for both businesses and consumers. Even it is being utilized in social setups such as transportation and other sectors, that ease out the life of human and offer them a variety of information. This technology is still fresh, and undoubtedly its utilization will grow.  Altogether, beacon mobile app development will also grow, as businesses will need the application that can receive the messages from these devices. It will be interesting to see how this technology will enhance customer interaction with brands and offer incredible benefits. If you want to know more about the utilization and application of this technology, reach us.




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