What Is A Wisdom Tooth Emergency?

Emergency wisdom tooth removal is considered to be very common these days. This is because; the adults who did not have their wisdom teeth removed may sometimes find themselves in the middle of a dental emergency. Along with that, the impacted wisdom teeth are known to be much painful and also dangerous to your oral health.

Wisdom Tooth Emergency

Simply, there is no space available in the jaw to accommodate third molars for most of the adults. Along with that, the wisdom teeth location that is crammed into the back position of your jaw can cause then to be horizontally angled or aligned.

In case they are not in the proper position then it becomes difficult for the wisdom teeth to erupt. Therefore, it ultimately leads to impacted wisdom teeth.

Whenever a tooth is impacted, it can be either erupted partially or present under the specific gum line. So, it contributes to causing some invisible but painful problems.

Symptoms Of An Impacted Wisdom Tooth

• Shifting teeth

• Sensitivity

• Infection of gum

• Swelling or inflammation of the gum

• Jaw pain or stiffness

Complications Of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Once the wisdom teeth start causing any problems, this will never self-correct. So, one should not wait too long to possibly address their presence and act on it as soon as possible.

Damage: The wisdom teeth can possibly contribute to damage to the teeth that are present below or above the gum line whenever it begins to push against the second molar. This pressure can again crowd teeth and as a result, the pressure is needed to straighten the other teeth.

Decay: Also, the wisdom teeth are much harder to clean due to their location in the mouth whether these are fully or only erupt partially. This specifically allows the food particles and also the bacteria to remain trapped.

So, this leads to cause decay and ultimately, it could develop into gum disease or some other infections that need more aggressive treatment.

Misalignment: It is also true that the impacted tooth can ruin the proper alignment of your teeth.

Infection: Sometimes, it may be possible, that the sac present within the wisdom tooth specifically develops in the jawbone which can fill with fluid and thereby, forming a cyst. So, it can contribute to damage the nerves, jawbone along with teeth.

Why Do People Have Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are generally seen in the early 20s or late teens of a person’s life. One of the general beliefs regarding wisdom teeth is that once it was very important for survival.

Also, the loss of a tooth was considered to be more common among the early men as well as women who do not maintain good oral health. As a result, these extra molars could have been moved easily into any holes that are created by the lost teeth and so, the early men and women would possibly continue to chew.

But, now the evolution has completed changed everything and so, the wisdom teeth in the modern days have become more irrelevant.

Final Words

So, to avoid these particular problems, it becomes very important to maintain good oral hygiene. In this regard, one should consider visiting the dentist on a regular interval.

Apart from that, you should also wear either protective helmets or mouth guards at the time of sports activities for the purpose of avoiding any dental emergencies. Whenever you are in need of the emergency removal of the wisdom teeth, you should only opt to visit the best dental clinics.

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Dr. Narinder Singh is a great dentist and has been in this profession for the last 10 Years more. He specializes in oral hygiene and is also a maxillofacial surgeon. With great practice, he is one of the best dentists in Melbourne and providing information about fastbraces Melbourne and emergency dentist Melbourne.



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