What is a Solar Pool Blanket?

By now, you have done a lot of research and found out the best way to get the most use out of your pool is through solar energy. Solar energy is the world’s only unlimited natural resource, and it does not cost you money each month to use it. Fossil fuels like coal are a thing of the past, and you are now sold on getting off the grid and going green by using solar energy to heat your pool. The next step is getting the right solar pool cover, but you are confused – when you are researching online, you see solar pool covers and solar pool blankets. Which is better? Here is an explanation of what a solar pool blanket really is.  

A solar pool blanket is really no different than a solar pool cover. The only difference is what some companies choose to call their products. Solar pool blankets come in different sizes: 5-mil, 8-mil, 12-mil, and 16-mil. Each type comes with a warranty, and usually, the thicker the blanket, the longer the warranty.  


A solar pool blanket looks a lot like a giant piece of bubble wrap. Made from a resin material, they have hundreds or thousands of tiny air bubbles that capture the healing energy from the sun and transfer it to the pool water. A solar pool blanket can be used alone or paired up with a solar heating system or heat pump for optimum results.  


Enjoy a longer swim season with a solar pool blanket. Expect at least 10 to 15 degrees difference in your water once you implement this blanket. They are very cost-effective. You can find a solar cover for less than $30 that will do just fine. You can also count on using fewer pool chemicals because you will have less evaporation.  


Another great thing about solar pool blankets is how easy they are to adapt to individual pools. Unlike costly safety covers, they do not have to be an exact fit to work well; however, you can cut them easily to make them custom-fit your pool. Many sites even sell small additions to the blankets to extend over a stair section in your pool. Then you can take full advantage of the evaporation-blocking powers that a solar pool blanket possesses.  


Along with a solar pool blanket, you will want to consider purchasing a reel. The thinner blankets, in particular, can tend to get some water on top of them and become harder to get in and out of the pool. Remember that a thinner blanket has a shorter warranty, so keep that in mind. You may want to consider spending a bit more to get a blanket with a longer warranty. These covers are out in the elements at all times, and not only have the pool’s chemicals to deal with, but also have the sun’s rays beating down on them.  


A solar pool blanket is a great way to use renewable energy from the sun without emitting anything into the atmosphere. These covers are a cheap and easy way to extend your swimming season and protect your investment. 




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