What happens when hypothyroidism remains untreated?

Thyroid is a butterfly shaped small organ found in the neck that produces hormones to regulate the energy use by the body. When thyroid fails to produce enough of these hormones, then the condition is called Hypothyroidism – which is one of the common problems in today’s times. However, as much it is common, many a times hypothyroidism goes untreated due to variety of reasons – some people stop medication due to any side effects that they experience, or some stop as they might not be noticing any benefits of medication, some simply forget to take their doses and some even do not know that they have hypothyroidism. Whatsoever may be the reason, hypothyroidism, if not treated, can cause widespread harm ranging from infertility to life-endangering slowing down of basic functions of the body.
Here are few conditions that can be caused due to untreated hypothyroidism:
Problems of Nervous System
If your body is making too little of thyroid hormone then it might make it difficult for you to think and remember things clearly. You may be fuzzy or feel extreme tired even when you have not done any exhausting physical activity. It can cause your mood to change too often or you may feel very low and depressed. The over-the-counter prescription medicines online can give some relief but cannot eliminate the cause of the problem.
Heart Problems
Hypothyroidism can affect your heart rate too. It can cause your blood pressure to drop and can cause fluid to accumulate around your heart. Low thyroid can also disturb the levels of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ cholesterol in the blood; however, there are many other reasons for changes in cholesterol levels too. In severe but rare cases, hypothyroidism can even prevent your heart from pumping enough blood to meet your body requirements.
Breathing Problems
Critically low thyroid can weaken your respiratory muscles and can hamper normal breathing. It can lead to pauses while breathing in sleep – medically termed as ‘Sleep apnea’. These pauses may last for few seconds to few minutes and can take place up to thirty times in an hour’s time.
Fertility issues
Low thyroid is known to have a direct impact on women’s capability to reproduce. A woman having hypothyroidism can experience changes in her menstrual cycles as they become irregular and unpredictable affecting the fertility. After medication, many women are able to conceive successfully however in some unfortunate cases, they can have miscarriage also.
What should you do if you have Hypothyroidism?
If you have discovered that you have hypothyroidism, immediately consult a doctor. Your doctor would prescribe medicine according to the recent levels and it might take few trial and errors to adjust the doses. Once your dose gets set, you should never miss even a single dose of it and get your levels tested whenever your doctor suggests. If your medicines are about to finish and you have no time to rush to the medical store, order medicines online from the online medical stores to get them at your doorsteps.
In busier lives today, services like online doctor consultation and medicine delivery at home have made life much easier. Make use of these and get your hypothyroidism treated timely to avoid any complications.



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