What Do Air Ducts Actually Do in an HVAC System?

If you also think your HVAC system generates cold or warm air to control the indoor temperature, you know nothing about air-conditioning. An HVAC system can only transfer the heat from one place to another, and this is how it provides cooling or warmth in your home as per your requirement. Like every other thing, heat also requires a medium to travel from one place to another, and in air-conditioning systems, the ductwork is the medium through which the air travels from one place to another.

So, now you know why air ducts are required to be cleaned by the experts of Air duct cleaning Miami at regular intervals because if the ductwork is clogged with excessive dirt, it starts obstructing the airflow, which eventually affects the system’s performance. True that you don’t always need to spend money on Air duct cleaning Miami services because if you have the required expertise and equipment, you may clean the ductwork by yourself.

Continue reading the information given in this blog to understand the role of the air ducts in an HVAC system so that you find out why you need to clean the ductwork again and again.

Function: Air ducts can be described as tubes connecting the HVAC unit with return vents installed in different rooms. When the appliance is set to cool the room, the refrigerant absorbs the heat from the indoor atmosphere and releases it outside the home, but when the system is set to warm the indoor atmosphere, the whole process is reversed. After that, the cooled or heated air is blown into different rooms through the ductwork and thus, you get the desired temperature in your home.

Now the question is why air ducts are required to be cleaned at frequent intervals. We all know that the surrounding atmosphere consists of dust particles, and the HVAC system utilizes the outdoor air to control the temperature, which means that dirt may also enter the ductwork during the air-conditioning cycle. So, it becomes mandatory to clean the air ducts at least once in a year for a pleasant air-conditioning experience.




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