What Can I do for My Dad on Father’s Day?


It is rightly said, “Any man can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad.” Dad – a daughter’s first love and a son’s first hero – this is truly the best way to describe a father. While every day of the year should be celebrated in his honor, Father’s Day is the right time to show your gratitude to your dad for all those times when he stood by you and guided you in the right path.

So do you want to make him feel special on Father’s Day? Well, wish him ‘Happy Father’s Day’ with a bunch of elegant blooms in vibrant colors. In fact, flowers are the perfect gift for your dad to say thanks.

Flowers for Father’s Day

Flowers are not just for women. Yes, even men love to receive flowers, and your dad will be overjoyed when you send him flowers. In fact, a bouquet of fresh blooms from flower delivery Bismarck can be the perfect surprise on Father’s Day. Instead of gifting the boring tie or pen, why not change it up? If you are not interested in a full bouquet, you can ask the Bismarck florists to incorporate fresh blooms in a hamper filled with food and wine.

Although roses are the official flower of Father’s Day, you can choose other blooms as well. Here are a few blooms you can give to your dad on Father’s Day.

Yellow Flowers

Though yellow is a neutral color, it represents joy and sunshine. Therefore, it is a warm and loving choice for Father’s Day. It is believed that the yellow color evokes the feeling of joy. Some of the popular yellow blooms include roses, sunflower, begonia, ranunculus, dahlia, carnation, tulip, and calla lily. You can go with any one of these blooms or mix it up to create a thoughtful bouquet.


Orchids are one of the beautiful blooms that are known for their exotic grace and elegance. If you are looking for something unique, you can send an orchid arrangement on Father’s Day for maximum impact. In fact, orchids can effortlessly grab anyone’s attention. An orchid plant is easy to maintain, and they can thrive with just spritzes of water each week.


Another great gift is giving your dad an arrangement of plants. Yes, this kind of bouquet has plants, some with foliage only and some with flowers. You can also go with lucky bamboo – they are small and stylish and complement any décor. While three stems represent happiness, six is for wealth, and seven is for health.

There is no rule to give only certain flowers on Father’s Day. You can choose any flowers for your dad based on his personal likes and dislikes. Visit one of the best Bismarck flower shops and pick the right bouquet.

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