What are the salient features of air-cooled servo voltage stabilizer?

The necessity of the air-cooled servo voltage stabilizer (single as well as three-phase) usage having sensitive electronics as well as electrical equipment is well known. No one wants to take the risk the life of costly equipment, CNC machines, motor-lab equipment, electrical equipment, etc. by connecting AC voltage that is not stabilized and dips at one point of time and at the other point of time rises sharply. That’s why Servo Max Stabiliser, the best Voltage stabilizer manufacturer in Hyderabad designed air-cooled servo voltage stabilizer to provide a constant output voltage for single-phase servo voltage stabilizer, as well as 3 phase air cooled Servo Voltage Stabilizer applications having stability +- % of the efficiency has been maintained as high as 98% or more than that. 

We engaged in manufacturing and supplying a large range of air-cooled servo-controlled voltage stabilizer ranges between 5 to 10 kva that include single-phase servo voltage stabilizer, static voltage stabilizer etc. Output voltage stability of servo voltage stabilizer allows the maximum drawing of the current by load and as such no extra electrical power is utilized at low and high voltage. Because of the effectivity, Servo Max Stabiliser is considered as leading Voltage stabilizer manufacturer in Hyderabad as well as leading air-cooled voltage stabilizer supplier in Hyderabad. 

Servo Max Stabiliser provide precision- engineered range of servo voltage stabilizer that comes with air-cooled technology. these enable to give exact and stable corrections of supply of voltage for better functioning. Our versatile range is well equipped comprising of the auto-reset system and single phasing prevention. 

As one of the leading 3 Phase Air Cooled Stabilizers manufacturers, Servo Max stabiliser offers comprise highly functional air cooled servo controlled voltage stabilizer that is designed using the latest technology to provide maximum functional usage of the stabilizer. It finds extremely extensive usage in controlling fluctuations of voltage using the solid-state electronic circuitry. Being single phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer as well as air cooled servo voltage stabilizer, these function as automatic line voltage correctors that usually use a synchronous motor (AC motor) that offers for optimum functional usage.

Salient features of air-cooled servo voltage stabilizer:

  •  Fast response
  • High efficiency
  • Wide input voltage having trip conditions
  • 100% failure proof control circuit.
  • No occurrence of over, undershoots and hunting.
  • It has a built-in bypass switch that ranges up to 100 Kva.
  • The lower number of active components avoids failure ratings. 
  • Special electronic equipment to operate on gensets.
  • Not much effects of power factor as well as frequency variations
  • In ac motor drive, the voltage speed related to the rate of fluctuations and avoids hunting of oscillations.
  • Having variable speed high torque ac air cooled servo controlled voltage stabilizer
  • Separate isolated PCB for triac switching for a motor. 


  • Input and output voltage protection having a high/low voltage range
  • single phasing preventer/ phase rotation
  • input protection utilizing mcb/mccb
  • output overload protection



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