What Are The Questions You Should Ask Before Purchasing Ice Machine?


Temperature is quite amazing. Heat can excite molecules enough to affect flavor, and in the other side, a glass of ice water will do magic on a hot summer day in the middle of mowing the front lawn. Yes, nothing tastes as sweet and refreshing. Ice is one of those things that will make or break your cold drink sales. This is the reason why every restaurant pays more importance to commercial ice machine to run their restaurant successfully.

Here are some questions that you should ask before you purchase your ice machine,

1. How much ice would I need in a day?
2. How long can I expect my ice maker to last?
3. Is there a warranty on ice machines?
4. Do I really need a water filter?
5. Are the ice machine are environmentally friendly, energy efficient choices of ice makers out there?
6. Are there different kinds of ice making machines for different kinds of businesses? Which would I need for my restaurant?
7. Do ice machines require a special electrical source?
8. How much ice does an ice machine produce?
9. What kind of ice cube is the best for my needs?
10. What is the difference between ice makers that produce ice that is half-dice, full-dice, shaved, cube, nugget, and more?
11. How big of a bin do I need for my store?
12. Do I need a bin with my ice maker? Do they come together? Separately?
13. What brand of ice makers is the best?
14. Do i want full cubes or half cubes?
15. How much ice do i want?
16. What kind of water filter do you need to make your ice taste great?

A Little Attention Saves Big Dollars with Commercial Ice Machines

The average restaurant or bar operator has no idea on how their ice machine works, and usually pays no attention to the ice machine until it stops making ice! So, buy the new flow ice machine and maintain it properly, and so you can saves big dollars.

1. Clean your ice bin every month
2. Change your water filter every 6 months
3. Clean the evaporator every 6 months
4. Conditions
5. Clean the condenser coil


Ready to purchase slurry ice machine, but not sure where to start? Contact Ice & Oven Technologies Pty Ltd. Before you make a purchase, ask these questions and to the expert in supplying commercial ice machine and make your transaction with us enjoyable for everyone involved.

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