What Are The New Features Of ASP.NET Core For Building Modern Web And Cloud Applications?

There are many new features of the ASP.NET Core which are proved to be helpful for building modern web and also cloud applications. Again, these important features should be effectively known by an ASP.NET Development company.

About ASP.NET Core

ASP.NET Core is considered to be a cross-platform and also open-source framework. So, it mostly enables the development teams to produce scalable and also high-performance web applications. As a result, the new features of the ASP.NET Core 2.2 possibly bring some of the finest elements of the old .NET framework.

It again comprises of the latest versions of Web API, .NET MVC, Signal R and also Web Pages. This also allows for independent usage in the same application. This is the main reason, why, this ASP.NET Core is known to be the next-generation development platform. Along with that, it is the most successful Microsoft framework.

Latest Features In ASP.NET Core

• Enhanced Performance

• Cross-Platform Functionality

• Unification Of Development Models

• New Health Checks API

• Integrated Dependency Injection

• Minimal Code

• Self-Hosted Web Apps

• SignalR Java Client

• Razor Pages

• Swagger Open APIs

• Easy Compilation

So, ASP.NET Core is known to be a high performance and also an open-source multiplatform framework that helps to create modern cloud applications connected to the internet.

Final Words

Thus, the mobile app developer, in these days, are mostly considering using ASP.NET Core for building modern web and also cloud application.

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