What are the Key Advantages of CARC Paint?

Initially, CARC (Chemical Agent Resistant Coating) paint was produced only by the Government, but now few manufacturers are licensed to produce CARC paint.

What is so special about CARC paint and what are the key advantages of CARC paint? Today we will find answers to these frequently asked questions.

Five Key Advantages of CARC Paint


Most of the industrial paints are highly porous in nature, therefore, cannot be used for the protective coating for the military vehicles and other army equipment. CARC paint is non-porous in nature. It provides a non-absorbent metal surface. Military vehicles painted with CARC paint are highly resistant to chemical agents and provide better protection against chemical attacks. Due to the non-porous nature of CARC paint, it offers great resistance against harmful chemical agents and provides better protection to personals that come in direct contact with the vehicle.

Easy to Decontaminate

CARC paint is easy to decontaminate because harmful chemical agents adhere less to the chemical resistant agent coated surface. Hence, the decontamination process is fast, cheap and easy. You can easily decontaminate your military vehicle surfaces exposed to biological agents and toxic chemicals without damaging the paint.

Excellent Camouflage

CARC paint is a superior camouflage. It includes a unique pigment package that is capable of confusing infrared technology. Military tanks and tactical vehicles can patrol undetected from infrared cameras and enemy weapon systems. CARC painted military vehicles can easily blend in the surrounding environment and hide easily from infrared cameras.


This is another major perk of painting military vehicles with CARC paint. CARC paint provides durable finishing that lasts for years. CARC paint provides highly corrosion resistant and chemical resistant surface. It protects the metal surface from the tough climatic conditions, moisture, and chemical agents. As this paint is non-porous in nature, it doesn’t get damaged during the decontamination process whereas previous coatings were more porous, difficult to clean and got damaged during the decontamination process.


Porous metal coatings are highly absorbent in nature and absorb more chemical agents than CARC paint. Therefore, the decontamination process is usually very expensive and slow. On the other hand, CARC painted surfaces are highly resistant to toxic chemicals and can be decontaminated easily. Hence, saves you substantial money on decontamination of military vehicles. Also, CARC paint lasts longer than ordinary industrial coating; it saves you a lot of money by eliminating the need of repainting the vehicle surface over and over again.

These are the key advantages of the CARC paint that makes it so special and tailor-made for military use.

If you are into the business of manufacturing military equipment, then definitely CARC paint is the best metal finishing solution you have.


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