What are the features and working of linear servo voltage stabilizer?

Servomax stabiliser is ranked as the topmost servo stabilizer manufacturers in Hyderabad successfully. It provides balanced as well as unbalanced linear servo voltage stabilizer for the supply and loads. The stabilizers are designed in such a way that it is perfect for controlling the output voltage. It also increases the life of the appliances and also machine contacted through it. Because of the usage of the top-notch quality components in the stabilizers, we are the leading servo voltage stabilizer manufacturer in Hyderabad. The innovative strategies of our stabilizers are adhering to predefined international standards.  

The customers can avail the linear servo voltage stabilizer from us within the estimated time frame. Because of the following extraordinary features, Servomax stabiliser is one of the best linear servo voltage stabilizer manufacturers in Hyderabad. 


  • Excellent performance
  • Robust construction
  • Easy to use
  • High efficiency


Working Principle:

To understand the working principle of linear servo controlled voltage stabilizer, please consider that the voltage across the stabilizer is nothing but the output voltage of the stabilizer. It works as:

  • From the voltage received from the main at Linear Automatic Voltage Stabilizer, the input is sensed continuously by the accessories circuitry and provides the exact feedback to the main control circuitry which consists of microprocessors and microcontrollers. The used microprocessor receives the input values of voltages. When there is voltage fluctuation or high or low voltage at the input of the linear servo voltage stabilizer, the microprocessor and microcontroller give a trigger to the motor driver. 
  • Based upon the voltage amount whether high or low observed at the input, the motor driver moves the servo motor across the stabilizer winding so as to enhance or lessen the no. of windings. Since the servo motor of the single-phase servo stabilizer is connected to the primary winding, there is a change in primary voltage and boost the voltage transfer to induce the voltage across its secondary winding. 
  • The motor of the servo stabilizer in Hyderabad moves in such a way that the proper voltage should be observed across primary side of the stabilizer so that the voltage across the secondary is the output of the stabilizer.  
  • As one of the top stabilizer manufacturers in Hyderabad, to correct the input voltages, the process takes place continuously.
  • In case of 3 phase voltage stabilizer, the voltage regulator is independent phase-controlled then it will have the proper arrangements for all three phases separately, which proves that the linear servo voltage stabilizer is as good as 3 number of single-phase servo stabilizer in a single unit.  


Difference between in Power line & Conventional STABILIZER


Power line roller type linear servo voltage stabilizer

  • Power consumption is near about 0.5 to 1.5% and it is depending upon the input voltage range.
  • Perfect for continues 100% duty cycle
  • life at full load is nearly 15-20 years
  • Five years guarantee.
  • Negligible losses 
  • Conventional Make with Carbon Brush Regulator of the stabilizer
  • Power consumption rate is 2 to 7% 
  • Suitable for 30% to 40% duty cycle
  • Maximum life is 2-3 years 

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