What are the Benefits of Locum Doctors Working with Ochre Recruitment in Australia?

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As a doctor living in Australia, have you ever wondered what it would be like to work with an experienced, reputable medical recruitment company? If not, you should certainly consider the many perks and advantages that come as part of the Ochre package from the medical jobs in Australia, but to do that, you need to know exactly what they are!

With that in mind, one of our Senior Recruitment Consultants, Stuart Cooper, took a little time out of his day to talk about just what the benefits of earning locum doctor jobs with Ochre are. These include helping to get the ball rolling with a move, career advancement and the chance to learn about local medicines, techniques, and everything in between. Read on to find out what he had to say!

Explore Australia as a locum doctor

Australia is an enormous country, and one that is ripe for travelling and exploration. There are new things to discover at every corner, and so it would be something of a shame to stay only in one place, what with everything to see and do in the land Down Under. Therefore, doctors with permanent medical jobs have an excellent opportunity to get their travel on and experience what Australia has to offer.

Locum doctors have an excellent opportunity to get their travel on and experience what Australia has to offer.

“Some doctors, for example, may have been working for a few years in the Outback. After a time, they may want to see a bit of the country and travel around. On a locum placement with Ochre, they can do this, even with a family – we arrange pretty much everything. All their accommodation will be provided, and usually a vehicle as well, so it’s very cost-effective for the locum doctor. Single doctors and husband-and-wife duos are also catered for – we can assist almost anyone,” says Stuart.

Skills to pay the bills

A doctor on a locum placement with Ochre also stands to markedly expand his or her skill set. Because Australia is so vast, different medicines and medical techniques exist in each state, so by locuming with Ochre, there is great opportunity to study such methods.

“From one end of Australia to the other, there are different kinds of medicines to look at. From the tropical solutions in the north, to Aboriginal remedies in Northern Territory, Western Australia and Queensland, learning about each of these treatments is a big plus for the locum doctor.”

“They’ll see some different medicines, and could gradually introduce some on-call requirements to increase their pay and responsibilities.”

We do the donkey work, so you don’t have to

It’s not just that locum doctors will get to explore Australia, on top of increasing their skills and experience with different medicines. At Ochre, we’ll ask our doctors relevant questions during the screening process to find out a little bit more about them, such as what they are looking for in the job, salary expectations, where they’d like to go, and their personal interests. From this information, we’ll suggest placements that will best suit them – and the administration is all taken care of.

“From a GP point of view, this can be something as simple as finding the right practice for them – a job that’s the right cultural and lifestyle fit. We make sure that they are supported with regards to what they need, as well as a provider number. We can book all their flights, and act as a conduit between doctor and client. Our team put all the pieces of the puzzle together – such as arranging a hire car, accommodation, and all other logistics. Ochre has access to all the best jobs, and provides a full service for our doctors here,” says Stuart.

With over 20 years of experience between our recruitment consultants, a vast wealth of industry knowledge and 24-hour support – we’re contactable at any time – as well as helping with the direction and progression of medical careers all over the country, why not get in touch with Ochre Recruitment today and find out what we can do for you?

The author is a doctor with a rich experience of 7 years. He is an expert surgeon, writer and public health researcher. He writes extensively on locum doctor jobs. Visit https://www.ochrerecruitment.com.au/ for more details.



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