What Activities Should Be Avoided With Osteoporosis?


Osteoporosis, the silent disease – weakens the bones to a point, where they break very easily. You might not even have the symptoms, until your bone breaks. According the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research – people with osteoporosis are at the risk of dying prematurely. Whereas, when treated appropriately, the patients had a longer life expectancy.

Who typically gets Osteoporosis?

Both men and women lose their bone mass at the same rate by their late 60s. However the chances of women getting osteoporosis are very high, especially after the menopause period. This is because, women lose about 20% of their bone mass within 5-7 years after menopause.

Here are some activities as suggested by tommy john recovery program in Illinois, which you need to avoid if you have osteoporosis, they are –

– Golf – This sports activity involves a lot of twisting, especially on your waist. When you suddenly twist the waist, it will create an unusual force on the discs and joins, which might lead to fractures. Golf is a great way to build the bonding with your networks, so steer it clear with tommy john recovery program in Illinois, so that you don’t have to stop yourself.

– Roll ups or sit-ups – This will involve forward rounding of the spine. This is likely to invite tiny fractures in the small joints of the body. When you do sit-ups, you are actually assisting in the damage gravity with severe osteoporosis.

– Jumping – pike jumps, jump squats, power planks, and tuck jumps can have an adverse effect on your bone, as it puts more pressure on the joints neighboring the spine. Moreover, carrying out high-intensity works like running or straight cardio can also be problematic.

– Lumbar Rolls – This common move in yoga creates forward flexion of the spine putting in more strain on your spine, creating the risk of fracture.

– Skiing – Since this involves high risk of falls, any patient with osteoporosis is susceptible to a fracture.

Can I prevent osteoporosis?

Take in a lot of food that is rich in calcium and vitamin D, along with weight-bearing exercises. If you have been identified with osteoporosis, avoid activities that involve putting more pressure on your spine, waist and other bone joints. These are a few ways to keep your bones strong and healthy. Even if your bones have fallen off or if you have experienced a ligament tear, don’t worry, ARP wave UCL tear treatment is here to help you with revitalizing your bones.

Your bones are at their strongest point when you are 30. But they lose their minerals as you age. So, if you are reading this, it is the right time to protect your bones from osteoporosis with healthy lifestyle choices and stay healthy throughout the rest of your lives. Don’t worry even if you have osteoporosis, as it can be treated easily with ARP wave therapy in Illinois. Talk to your doctor to discuss and deploy the right treatment method, which might work on your osteoporosis.

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