Web designs in Manchester are responsive and fluid

Responsive web design services are in great demand in Manchester from digital agencies as well as from services companies that offer web design and development services. Internet savvy consumers are so deeply involved in online activities that it is an absolute necessity now for them to have a website or an app that is based on responsive design.

Responsive web design ensures a good user experience

Industry experts in Manchester say that there has been a proliferation of apps on the internet and if one could total the number of apps that are available on iTunes and Google store then the figure is mind boggling. It is estimated that there are more than 3.1 million apps on the Google Play store and iTunes store in total. In addition, the increasing number of mobile devices and tablets is changing the way people communicate or buy or work. This is adding complexity to the situation. In this scenario it is beloved that only those apps will be successful that provide an Omni channel experience to users. In other words user experience is the key to success here. And user experience has to be consistent across all the channels – web, mobile, TV, POS or even material and this is possible only when the web designs are responsive and fluid.

Responsive web designs help in brand building

A responsive web design creates a new brand or helps strengthen an existing brand and enables businesses to reach their customers with the least costs and overheads. Brands are able to establish their presence in the market as consumers experience ease of use and easy navigation when browsing the websites. Similarly their experience of making an online purchase is very smooth and hassle free. All this is possible when the User Interface (UI) is properly designed keeping in mind the needs of the user.

Google requires that websites and apps have responsive design

Responsive design ensures that users do not experience any issue when browsing the site on different devices and on different screen sizes. The image automatically adjusts itself and fits the size of the screen. This is now mandatory from the viewpoint of Google Webmaster guidelines as Google now penalizes those websites that do not have a responsive design.

Responsive web designs are present in all websites now

In Manchester web designers work tirelessly to create innovative designs that have a universal appeal. Their objective is to ensure that consumers revisit the site again and again and this boosts the page traffic and increases the search engine rankings for the site. Therefore there are hardly any sites that do not have responsive web design.

Care is also taken to ensure that branding guidelines associated with any product or services are continuously met. These relate to specific fonts, colours, sizes that need to be adhered to. Also how real estate is used on the web page is important. The less cluttered the page, the cleaner will it look and more impact it will have.

To conclude, web design service providers in Manchester are an experienced lot and pro-actively work with their customers in enhancing the value of global brands, products and services.

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