Ways to Get a Soccer Scholarship in the USA

Many high school students in the United Kingdom dream of pursuing their college education in the USA. And a majority of them are also interested in availing athletic scholarships to fund such studies in a foreign country.

Soccer is a popular game in both the US and UK and if you have played it for the past few years, representing your school in some tournaments, you too can apply for a soccer scholarship in USA.

Here are some ways to go about it:

Get your skills assessed and eligibility determined by a professional recruitment agency

The most important step in applying for any athletic scholarship is to check how well you meet the NCAA requirements for eligibility. These include both athletic abilities and academic standards. SAT requirements are also a part of the list.

Once you check the credentials and know where you stand, it is advisable to approach an experienced soccer assessment agency. While your school coaches in the UK can give you tips, they cannot really arrange a meeting with the university coaches in American universities. A professional organisation on the other hand not only evaluates your skills but also holds events where concerned coaches can directly see your game and interview you.

The agency understands the scholarship application and recruitment process deeply and can choose an appropriate college for you where you get your preferred course and athletic opportunities. It also helps with SAT prep, visas, and other aspects of getting scholarships. Furthermore, once you get the scholarship, the agency will – on your behalf – also negotiate the best terms on the grant.

Keep your grades high

Many of the students have a misconception that academic grades do not matter for candidates who get admitted into a college on the basis of their performance in sports. The truth however is that grades are as significant as athletic skills. Indeed, your ability to get good grades while also playing soccer in high school signifies that you can handle the academic pressures of scholastic life. When you join a college with a soccer scholarship in America, the authorities will expect you to keep up with a full course load and find time to study while balancing it with hours of training sessions. More importantly, if you do not maintain a certain GPA, you can even lose your scholarship.

Get in touch with the coaches

You can directly contact coaches of the colleges that you wish to play for, send them videos of your games and ask for a try out. They can be approached on social media, but remember that this tactic may not always work. Coaches are followed by many students on sites like Twitter and LinkedIn and they frequently get requests for tryouts. Besides, you may have to travel to the US for an assessment which could be expensive. This is another reason why recruitment agencies prove to be a better choice when it comes to meeting the coaches.

With a professional recruitment agency’s support, you can get your skills assessed right here in the UK and complete all the necessary formalities for your admission. Only when your seat in the college is confirmed, will you be required to visit the US and start your studies there.

All the best for your soccer scholarship in the USA!

Author Bio: Future Pro USA is a UK based agency helping high school pass-outs from the UK to win sports scholarships in America. If you have the talent to excel in sports and want to fund your education in a prestigious American university, apply for an assessment test. To send your details, visit http://www.futureprousa.com/



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