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13th December 2018: Global Water Supply Equipment Market is expected to grow at a steady CAGR in the estimated period. A recurrent and ongoing need to supply water to inadequately supplied provinces taken up on mammoth scales adds to growth in water supply equipment market. The adoption of smart water supply infrastructure and refurbishment of stale water and water management issues brought about by water crisis are taken up by water supply equipment markets.

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Excessive pollution levels, scarce water resources and stringent water compliance have brought growth to the market. Segmentation of water supply equipment market by type includes mechanical type, electric type. By application, segmentation includes industrial, commercial, residential, government and others. U.S remained the largest market world-wide and Asia-Pacific follows next with healthy CAGR because of large water consumption, urbanization and setting up of new pipelines.

Government funding on modern community water projects is very much adding to growth in market. Growth of water supply equipment market includes real estate sector boom, analysis and usage pattern causes, and energy efficient fuels such as fossil fuels and plastic pipes gains recorded in addition to alternative energy pumps that are finding favoritism among growth exhibitors.

Drinking water woes have become worse resulting into shortfall. This has eroded water quality to great levels which has left one poorer as far as drinking potable water goes with faulty distribution lines and transportation pipes carrying water and now this is geared for a facelift. Investment in municipal water sector in Asia Pacific is expected as water treatment and drinking clean water has become high priority. Rural areas seem to be the worst hit and water supply is fragmented and ground water being the only source of drinking water, China and India have much to reverse. In the US fewer water supplies is being played out.

The drinking water has to be supplied to the remotest corners which is far and between so it is quite a herculean task to supply water to these areas. Countries such as India are thickly spread with rural areas and hence supplying water and water supply equipment works out in favor and is a growth driver to water supply equipment market. Supplying water is a capital investment and machinery involved could run into lakhs and manufacturers would more than break even citing a favorable CAGR.

Key players include ABEL gmBH& Co.KG, ADavanced drainage systems, Aalaxis SA, American castiton co, Badger meter, Elestrr Water Metering and flowservecorp, toyodenki, Xylem, Aquatic, Quing Dao sanli group, Shanghai Lianyo Pump, and Advanced Drainage systems.    

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