Want To Expand Your Medical Career? Take Up an Emergency Medical Job in Australia


Job prospects in health career are set to grow faster than any other industry, with the promise of job security and rewarding salaries. Yes, the medical workforce in Australia is undergoing substantial changes. The demand for medical jobs in Australia is growing day by day due to a rapidly ageing population which will drive additional demand for employment in various health care sectors.

A recent study conducted by the Federal Government Health Workforce Australia predicts a shortfall of 2,700 doctors and 109,000 nurses in Australia by 2025. So, the healthcare sector is now an attractive industry for those who are seeking both permanent and locum doctor jobs in Australia.

Booming careers in Emergency Medicine 

The emergency department is one of Australia’s fastest growing medical specialties with emergency medicine doctors in high demand across various hospitals. There are many opportunities for both locum and permanent doctors to take up work in emergency medicine. The emergency department (ED) forms the hub of the typical Australian hospital, and they usually have a lively, fast-paced, and exciting working atmosphere, where highly trained doctors and nurses work together to provide excellent patient care.

This place is well suited for energetic, decisive, team-oriented, and resilient individuals with excellent interpersonal skills who have in-depth knowledge across all facets of medicine.

Emergency medicine is highly valued in Australian hospitals, especially in regional, rural, and remote areas, where emergency treatment is crucial to life in the Australian outback. You will be a prominent figure contributing to medical supervision, clinical practice and also a quality improvement in the emergency department. The emergency department will be supported by a collaboration of medical, surgical, ICU and other medical teams.

Choosing to work outside of the city allows locum doctors to select locations that appeal to them, and to feel valued working in a community where their skills and special expertise are truly appreciated. Taking up locum medical jobs also gives doctors the opportunity to involve themselves in the exciting and interesting activities like hiking, swimming, and abseiling, hobby horticulture and other activities during their shifts which is not possible whilst working in an inner-city environment.

There are many hospitals in Western Australia which requires skilled emergency medical staffs; as a result, this demand has eventually turned WA as a hot-spot for locum and permanent jobs. In coastal towns and cities such as Perth, Albany, and Bunbury, locums can live and work in a sunny, scenic location by the sea, enjoying all the benefits of coastal life, such as stunning ocean sunsets, soothing sea breezes, swimming, surfing, and strolling along beaches – all with the added delights of delicious local produce and fresh seafood.

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