Usage of Carbon Bricks in the Metallurgical Industry

The ladle is an essential component in the metallurgical industry. It is used for the storage and transport of molten metal. The service life of ladle is critical for the optimal production of metal. With the increase of the service life of the converter, the growth of the continuous casting ratio and the rate of external refining technology, the ladle is required to have a bigger capacity, processes multi types of metals and is subjected to increasingly demanding conditions. That is why higher requirements are put on the material used for lining ladles as the service life of these materials affects the efficiency of the external refining process.

Due to the high temperature and acidic environment involved in the process, it is important that the ladles are either constructed or lined with material that can sustain in such a harsh atmosphere. Given the economic aspects of the process, it is vital to improving the service life of the lining of the ladles. Acid proof bricks are most commonly used for the lining of these containers as they have temperature threshold and are also resistant to acidic substances.

Carbon bricks are available in various compositions such as Alumina Spinel carbon brick, magnesia calcium carbon brick, and magnesia dolomite brick.

Carbon bricks produced by acid proof bricks manufacturers have the following characteristics:

• High-temperature resistance: Carbon bricks can endure extremely high-temperature molten metal without melting for a long duration. Moreover, they can effectively inhibit and shield infrared radiant heat and conduction of heat.
• Thermal shock resistance: These bricks can withstand continuous loading and unloading of molten metal without any peeling or cracking
• Corrosion resistance to molten slags: Carbon bricks have a high resistance towards the erosion caused by molten slag on the inner linings of the ladle
• Improved safety: With their high resistance to the harsh environment created in metallurgical processes, carbon bricks offer a safe and secure operation with reduced chances of leakage.
• High mechanical strength: Carbon bricks have exceptionally high mechanical strength even at very high temperatures and can withstand scouring and other agitating effects of molten metal.

Technical aspects to consider before installing carbon bricks from a carbon bricks supplier in India:

• It is essential to research the parameters of the process at the site of ladle along with the technology that is going to be used. Based on various parameters, carbon bricks with different composition can be used.

• The construction plan can be optimized by using carbon bricks of varying compositions and thickness in different parts depending on the erosive and corrosive environment they will be subjected to.

• It is also crucial to install carbon bricks in a manner that they provide maximum strength to the ladle and maintain continuity inside it. This helps in reducing the spaling of the lining due to thermal shock.



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