Upcoming Porcelain slab in Sydney which would change the market trends

An engineered product, porcelain slab, which can show limitless variations. In the past, wood like appearance was the most in demand when it came to imitating patterns on tiles, while today you can choose from timber, marble, concrete, brick, metal, stone and many more.

These large format porcelain slabs have changed designer’s perspective. Designs are now more effective and efficient in terms of installation and fabrication costs. Porcelain slab in Sydney are available an endless array of patterns, from figural motifs to abstract decorations and from bold colours to soft shades in all pattern and textures as required. Some of the upcoming trending porcelain slabs in Sydney are Ash Grey and Nero Castano.

Ash Grey – Porcelain ash grey slabs are light grey in background with bold and striking white veining. Grey might be the favoured neutral of many design professionals however they always have proved to be positively mesmerising. Designers also sometime like to break up the continuous grey with a variety of shades to embrace the colour of the elements around. When bored you can always change the objects and colours around combined with grey to get a whole new ambience.

Nero Castano – Looking to make a subtle style statement, Nero Castano is just the one for you! Subtle matt finish charcoal grey backdrop with beautiful clear brownish gold veining. The dark grey really stands out against the lighter colour to make a statement of its own.

These porcelain slabs in Sydney are ideal to be used as a porcelain benchtop in Sydney given their amazing features of bring scratch resistant, stain resistant, waterproof, heat resistant and extremely durable. Moreover, there are two major advantages of having the marble look like porcelain benchtops in Sydney; firstly, they are more environmentally friendly so no of cutting of land to quarry the natural stone and secondly, they are very cost effective when compared to natural stones. Undoubtedly, there can be no mimic to the original, however, if you wish to get a natural stone look in your kitchen in your limited budget, porcelain slab benchtops in Sydney are exactly for you.

SinTerra Porcelain slabs collection at Avant Stone combines the durability of ceramics with the aesthetic appeal of a continuous surface to provide a large format panel for a magnificent look to your space. To know more details about our SinTerra slab collection or porcelain slabs in Sydney, please contact our enthusiastic and friendly staff. Alternatively, you can also know more about Porcelain slabs in Sydney via https://avantstone.com.au/porcelain-slabs/

The author is an experienced marble slab supplier in Sydney who has written many articles on marble, Quartzite & granite slabs. To find out more about natural stone slabs, visit www.avantstone.com.au



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