It is not uncommon to believe that sex is pleasing for males only. Many women shy away especially from annul sexbecause of some wrong and weird thoughts. But, the fact is a lot of couples are doing it and having fun.

If you are still anal sex virgin and want to have a different kind of experience, you must try it at least once. Believe it or not but you will enjoy it. But, yes you both have to do it with care and understanding. It is stated that getting female orgasm is not possible with it, but things are not like that when you are in mood and doing it in right manner. Here are some tips that can help you to make it enjoyable.22-1

Don’t go for it immediately – Spend some time in the foreplay, rather than going for it right away. It is really essential for a female. Going right away can hurt her. You should start it with some message. Normally, women don’t feel comfortable with it and it can actually hurt. It may take time and a girl can try to relax herself with some efforts especially masturbation.

Create am ambience – When you are trying something different, you can make some extra efforts. Have some drinks together and get unwind. It will help you to set the mood that is really very important for it.

It’s natural, accept it – No doubt, it is somehow weird and looks awkward. But, when it comes to your sex life, you can go dirty with your partner. Remember, it is quite natural and you can do it comfortably with some efforts.

Make he feel relaxed – When it is about anal sex, the main role is played by a man. He must make her feel calm and stress-free. Start slow and pause yourself whenever she wants. It may be funny, but you need to do a lot of things to unlock a closed door.

Be assured about access lube – The most difficult aspect of anal sex is that unlike normal sex, you don’t get enough lubricants. So, basically, you need to use any cream and other lubricants. Use good quality products to avoid any irritation and for utmost comfort.33

Use protection – Many people think that they don’t need to use condom with anal sex because this way a girl cannot get pregnant. But, you should use condom to maintain hygiene. Remember don’t ever go for vagina with the same condom as it can cause infection. Use different condoms every time to avoid any issue.

Girls, it is not completely painless – Do you think it will hurt a lot? Well, you are almost right. But, it will be fine with flaw, but initially it will hurt.

Men, you must be in control – It can be difficult, but you must be ready for it. You need to relieve your partner and make her feel fine with it and control is a must.

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