Types of Steel Available For Industrial Market

The World Steel Association says that there are about more than 3,500 different types of steel which are used for various industrial purposes. Each steel type has their unique physical, environmental and chemical properties. Steel is composed of carbon and iron. The impurities present in the carbon adds to the allow y formation and then determines the steel grade. The carbon content ranges from 0.1 to 1.5%. Other elements like phosphorous, manganese, sulfur, etc are also found in some of the grades of steel. There is a huge amount of steel sales to the public in Melbourne.

Several types of steel are produced according to the needs of the industrial markets. There are many ways on the basis of which the steel types are graded. Steel can be categorized on the following basis and all are used for steel sales to the public of Melbourne.

Carbon steel

Carbon steel contains a certain amount of alloying elements and is used in the 90% of the total steel production. They can be again categorized into the following types:

1. Low carbon steels which are also known as mild steels consist of 0.3% carbon.

2. Medium carbon steels consist of 0.3 to 0.6 percentage of carbon.

3. High carbon steels consist of over 0.6% of carbon.

Alloy Steels

They contain alloy elements like manganese, titanium, nickel, copper, aluminum, chromium, etc. They are present in different proportions to make the steel corrosion resistant, strong and increase it hardens ability. They are used in the pipelines industries, power generators, transformers, electric motors, etc. There is a wide range of steel sales to the public in Melbourne.

Stainless steels

This is the most widely used type of steel which is used in the industrial market. They contain 10% to 20% of carbon in it and are used widely because of its high corrosion resistivity. It is resistant to corrosion 200 times more than mild steels. Stainless steels are of three types: austenitic steels and ferritic steels.

Tool Steels

They consist of tungsten and are used in drilling and cutting instruments.
All the types of steels are used in some way or the other in the industrial market. They are also made into flat sheets, galvanized for various construction purposes especially for roof covering. Steel is considered to be the most widely used and cheapest metal used in the industries for a variety of purposes.



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