Types of Pumps Used in Gas and Oil Industry

Oil and Gas Industries are one of those industries that are highly dependent on pumps. These industries try to use different types of high-quality pumps to transfer oil and gas from one place to another. It is difficult for the oil and gas industries to work without pumps, as oil displacement is very important for refineries for the completion of the oil rig operation. Hence, companies use the best pumps available to make their operations feasible. The most commonly used pumps by oil and gas industries are Rotary pumps, Centrifugal pumps, Petrochemical pumps, etc.

Let’s understand in detail how different types of pumps are used to make various operations efficient in the Oil and Gas industry.

Pumps commonly used in Oil and Gas Industry:

1. Oil Pump: The oil pumps help in lifting the liquid out of the oil well to force the oil onto the surface. Oil pumps in general, are used in onshore areas where the soil is available in large quantities but needs help in being released from the ground. On average, these oil pumps can supply one to ten gallons of oil and gas with every stroke depending on the weight of the fuel.

2. Centrifugal Pump: The pumps frequently found in the oil and gas industry are Centrifugal pumps. Centrifugal pumps contain impellers that move according to the force of the fluid rotation. With the help of the force, these pumps draw the fluid into the suction end of the pump and the fluid is discharged because of the centrifugal force. These pumps can pump several hundred gallons of liquid per minute.

3. Rotary Pump: Known as the Positive displacement pump, the rotary pump is one of its kind. These pumps use rotating parts to push or transfer the fuel into an enclosed volume. The pressure is created due to the design of the pump. The design ends up helping the fuel reach the destination. Although these pumps are pocket-friendly and efficient in nature, the positive displacement pumps require large-scale maintenance.

4. Petrochemical pump: Petroleum products are moved from the upstream sector to the midstream sector of the petrochemical industry. The midstream sector is seen transporting and storing natural gas and crude oil. The companies use petrochemical pumps to refine crude oil during the oil rig operation. Petrochemical pumps, especially, are known for preventing leaks and thus preventing hazardous environment state.

5. Diaphragm Pump: This is also a type of positive displacement pump. With the help of valve and diaphragm, these diaphragm pumps draw the fuel (oil or gas) into the refinery chamber. As the volume of the chamber increases, the pressure in the chamber reduces and the fluid pours into the chamber. The moment the fluid is cleared, the diaphragm is seen moving back into position, allowing the rest of the fluid to enter.

These are some of the major types of pumps used in the Oil and Gas industry. So, if you are looking for the right pump to use in your industry, we hope this article was helpful.



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