Types of Personal Injury Damages in California

Are you looking for a personal injury attorney Long Beach? Personal injury law can come into play in several instances, including auto accidents, bus accidents, slips or falls, construction site accidents, dog bites and munch more. The person who is injured is able to seek compensation under California law. There are different types of compensation available to those who are seeking personal injury claims. Let’s discuss each and what they could mean for your case.

Economic Damages
Any type of out of pocket expenses that are related to your injury or accident may fall under economic damages, this may also be referred to as special damages. It could include current, past or future expenses that may occur because of the injury. The most common type of economic damages is medical bills.
For accidence such as a car wreck, a person may also seek property damages to cover the cost of the vehicle. When injuries are severe, victims may also seek damages for loss of wages, as they will have a recovery period before being able to return to work. The victim will be able to prove these types of damages with the proper documentation, such as bills and pay stubs. However, it may not be necessary that you have the bill to receive economic compensation. If injuries are debilitating, the victim may be able to get compensated for future medical care, rehab, physical therapy, and more.

Non-Economic Damages
These types of damages are ones that are not tangible but affect the victim’s life, including pain and suffering and mental anguish. They are based off tangible losses that may be claimed as economic damages. Let’s look at an example. Say a person has a large sum of medical bills due to a serious injury. They would be affected more so than someone who suffers from a smaller injury. Therefore, their suffering can be accounted for through non-economic damages. It can be tricky to put an amount on these types of damages, and that is why it is important that you work with a professional personal injury lawyer that understands the laws and compensation.

Punitive Damages
There are some instances where a victim may be able to recoup punitive damages. These types of damages are more about punishing the one who is at fault. They come into play when you can prove the at-fault party acted with malice, oppression or fraud.

Understand the different types of compensation when looking to hire a Personal injury attorney Long Beach. This will ensure you get a professional that can help you successfully win the case and get the compensation that you deserve.

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