Types of Divorce Cases Handled by Divorce Lawyers in Houston

Irrespective of you’ve decided to make a stop in your marital relationship being uncontested, consider that a two-way collaborative divorce is ideal or the extent of your antagonism takes your battle to the court of law, hiring a divorce lawyer in Houston is vital. They are expert legal representative who assist you both or alone to reach the most expected outcome of your divorce in various ways. The US family court offers you a series of divorcing options whereas you attorney will guide from analysis to filing and negotiating to fighting for you in the courtroom.

Types of Divorce Cases

Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested divorce is widely known as mutual settlement. Whether you’re newly married with no child, property etc or long-term married with children, property and debts, and decide to undergo an uncontested divorce, a divorce lawyer in Houston will work in conjunction in deciding your share and making an agreement. This is the quickest, simplest, and least expensive way to come out of a marital relation and the question of trial doesn’t arise. All you’ve to do is to be present in the courtroom on the date of hearing while the divorce agreement made by the lawyer gets court’s approval.

Contested Divorce

Contested divorce is really critical and typically arises when spouses cannot agree on major aspects such as child custody, alimony, property allocation etc. Even though professional divorce lawyer in Houston do their best to make couples understand the consequence of their adamancy, however disparity of opinions typically takes them into courtroom. Being contested, both parties proceed in warfare quipped with their own lawyers. Never make a mistake to represent on your own in the court even if you know details of your crooked spouse and his/her activities well. The courtroom is not interested to listen to your emotions but needs proofs, justifications and legal standard of representation.

Collaborative Divorce

Bit different from mutual or uncontested divorce, a collaborative divorce has also been a popular choice among couples that helps them reach agreement with own lawyers without involving in litigation. While working with own collaborative divorce lawyer in Houston, you need to exhibit high degree of cooperative attitude, and willingness in the process of negotiation on different factors executed by lawyers, based on your opinion. Depending on the need, the team may include neutral parenting specialists, financial analysts, and advisors to facilitate in making an agreement.

Default Divorce

If you file a divorce with divorce lawyer in Houston but your spouse doesn’t respond, a family court is most likely to award a default divorce. Despite the opponent party is not participating to oppose or agree the notice served by the court, unresponsiveness of one part leads to a default separation.

Marital Separation

Also refers to legal separation, it offers couples an opportunity to live separately but still considered being legally married. While couples go for marital separation it need to be drafted in the form of agreement by a divorce layer in Houston and approved by the court. No wonder, due to various benefits like having some more time to reconcile on your decision, financial protection, tax benefits and more, increasing number people consider the legal provision of marital separation today.


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