Tudor Watch Company.

The Tudor Watch Company was created by Hans Wilsdorf. He was a leading figure in the Swiss watchmaking world at that time. The public could recognize as well as appreciate a product that had high technical as well as aesthetic qualities. Between 1947 and 1952, the first Tudor Oyster model was launched. This was followed by the launch of TUDOR Oyster Prince collection. All this reflects the perfect combination of precision with reliability, style as well as technique leading to high quality production. This is when advertisements exclusive to TUDOR also came about, which showed Wilsdorf expressing his pride and satisfaction with regard to his personal involvement in creating as well as marketing this new brand.

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The TUDOR brand was originally represented by a decorative rose. This was basically the famous symbol of a dynasty in England, namely the Tudors. This was exactly what had inspired Hans Wilsdorf to give this name to the new company. But the company did not rest on its laurels based on just this famous name. From the beginning, this was all about technical developments. This refers to the waterproof Oyster case, a self-winding movement and more. All this was not relegated to mere functionality alone. It led to stylish features of these watches that impacted both performance as well as appearance in order to appeal to modern, dynamic men. This brand had the support of Rolex to usher it into the watch world and aid its first steps. This is why the TUDOR brand was able to carve out a niche for itself really quickly.

This brand was registered by the Swiss watchmaking company in 1926. It was in 1946 that Wilsdorf found the company Montres Tudor SA. It was the advertising campaigns of the 1950s that were able to give this brand its definitive strength along with a highly distinctive personality. It was in 1952 that the TUDOR Oyster Prince was launched. This was accompanied by an intense press campaign that was very strong and highly original for that period. These advertisements showed the watches and underlined their qualities of resistance, reliability along with precision. These had detailed text along with illustrations. In these illustrations, men at work were depicted as wearing a TUDOR in highly extreme conditions, while doing strenuous work on a road. This did not depict men in sports settings, like playing golf or riding bikes or horses.





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