Tub To Shower Remodel – Pros And Cons Of Acrylic Shower Bases

The shower base is the foundation of the shower enclosure. For this reason, you must choose the right one that will not crack or leaks. A bad choice with regard to the shower base will result in having to replace the entire stall later on or will see the floor below the base damaged. There are several options widening in front of the homeowners when it comes to shower bases. Since each of them have their own pros and cons, homeowners must exercise great care in choosing the right one. Most homeowners find acrylic shower bases convenient and good looking options while completing a Tub To Shower Remodel project in their bathrooms. Here are the pros and cons of acrylic shower bases to consider while choosing them during a tub to shower remodel.

Pros of Acrylic shower bases

Acrylic shower bases require low maintenance. For cleaning them, you just have to use soap and water to wipe the full unit. Since they do not have any grout joints, cleaning and maintaining them is simple. As against showers featuring tile flooring and mud pans, acrylic is a non-porous material. It comes already waterproofed and so you will not have to worry about waterproofing them.

Acrylic shower bases are more comfortable and warmer than tiles. This feature lets your feet avoid feeling the cold when you enter the shower. Some acrylic shower bases come with an integrated bench or corner seat made as part of the unit you buy.

Acrylic bases are cost effective options excepting the fiberglass ones and homeowners find them much cheaper than marble, tile or solid surface shower bases.

They are very easy to work with. Most kinds of acrylic bases are fixed on top of mortar to stabilize them. They are considerably lighter than solid surface pans and marbles. Therefore you will find it easy to maneuver them around a small bathroom.

Cons of Acrylic shower bases

Since acrylic shower bases come pre-built, you cannot think of custom sizes. This is one of the biggest downsides that the homeowners are highly concerned about. If you want a custom size, then you will have to altogether drop the option of acrylic shower bases and settle with some other options.

The pans are made in factories and so the drain locations come predesigned. You cannot therefore vary the drain locations to suit your situation. Since you may not be able to use the old drains, the plumbing costs might escalate if your situation demands it.

Among the cheaper options, acrylic shower bases are the most expensive ones. They are priced higher than the fiberglass ones. If you wish to settle with the cheapest option, then fiberglass will suit your purpose the best.

If you wish to create a luxurious feeling in your bathroom, then you are unlikely to achieve your end with acrylic pans as they are not considered high end options. Most luxury loving homes want to settle with tile, stone or solid surfaces instead of going for acrylic bases.

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