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Considering that fees are increased by banks on a regular basis, consumers are looking for an alternative and they want to know more about credit unions in Oregon. A record number of people have joined an Oregon credit union in the past years and it is no wonder why. These non-profit organizations have a lot to offer and they provide a variety of advantages.

Credit unions in Oregon are owned by their members and they have the mission of providing affordable financial services, helping the community. They are not focused on making a profit and this sets them apart from banks and other financial institutions. Members are highly satisfied, knowing that they have someone to count on and regardless of the services they need, they are able to find them within a credit union. Customer service is highly appreciated as well, as members put their effort in offering assistance to potential customers and future members, guiding them until they take the right decision.

Becoming eligible for joining a credit union was an issue back in the days and members were limited, but now that these organizations have extended their activity, they are able to welcome more members. This means it is easier getting into an Oregon credit union. What is highly appreciated about them is the fact that they have lower interest rates. They are not aimed at making a profit, but when it happens, customers are offered lower rates for loans and credit cards and high rates on savings. This is highly beneficial, as it is in everyone’s interest to obtain profit, knowing that all members will get a share of it.

Many credit unions strive to keep costs lower for their members and they try to have low or even no fees at all. Some prefer to eliminate services or products rather than adding fees. In terms of array of services available, people should know that they are able to find exactly what they encounter in banks. There is the possibility of opening a savings account, getting a business or personal loan, mortgage, obtaining a credit card, insurance and more. Those wondering about ATMs and their locations, there is no need to worry as you can access your account wherever you are, including on your mobile device.

These said, it is very easy to understand why so many people are oriented into finding a credit union and why they prefer such services. It is understandable to compare products and services of various financial institutions and eventually choose what suits each person best. The key aspect is knowing that alternatives exist and not every organization is focused on making a profit and ripping off their clients through high fees and high rates. Even in your area you can certainly find a credit union that can assist in completing the membership requirements.

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