Trenchless Pipe Repair : A Simplified Procedure

Traditional methods of repairing sewage line can demolish the beauty of your garden or yard. It takes a long time to dig the soil and replace the pipeline. It not only ruins the beauty of these lush surroundings but is also very costly. Their labor expenses will burn a hole in your pocket. In this regard, modern plumbers in Los Angeles have come up with trenchless pipe repair. It saves your time, money, and efforts that you need to get rid of the sewer line problems.

What is Trenchless Pipe Repair System and how does it work?

You may be curious about the working of this innovative idea that simplifies such a critical job. There are two ways of repairing sewer pipeline, viz. relining the old pipe or replacing it by the bursting pipe method. In the relining method, the plumber threads a new pipe through the old one. In this process, a new threading over the old pipe allows the water and waste to flow easily.

In the second method, the existing pipe is replaced by a new and advanced PVC pipe by bursting this pipe. It is somewhat tricky and needs the expertise of a plumber. Here is the complete illustration of method required for Trenchless pipe repair through the pipe bursting method :

Locate the Existing Pipe :

Since it is hidden under the ground, it becomes difficult to find the route of sewer pipe and the exact point of the problem. Trenchless pipe repair plumber is equipped with advanced machinery that finds the route of pipeline and the problem area. Through such highly efficient equipment, the lengthy work of digging and searching the pipeline can be accomplished in just a few minutes. This surprising technique saves nearly 1-2 days of hard work and also saves the heavy expenses incurred on the labor.

Dig A Hole at The Entry and Exist Points :

Instead of digging all through the backyard or lawn, trenchless pipe repair in Los Angeles requires only two holes to dig at the opening and exit points of the sewer line. It can be in the size of few square feet that can easily occupy the machinery. A professional plumber in Los Angeles is equipped with modern gears to dig these holes, find the areas needing repair, and find out exact solution without costing much to the clients.

Pulling New Sewer Pipe and Bursting the Older Pipe :

A machine is equipped with hydraulic power and strengthening metal placed at its exit hole. The metal wire is passed from this exit point to entry point through the older pipe. When wire reaches the entry point, new PVC pipe nozzle with a cone shaped head, is tied to the wire and pulled through the old pipe. The cone shaped head burst out the old pipe and replace the path of sewer line with the new pipe. It can easily get connected to the main sewer line and link it with your home sewer outlet.

This process of trenchless pipe repair is quite demanding in Los Angeles due to the expertise and accuracy they require. As compared to the traditional ways of sewer pipe replacement, it can cost 50-60% less and can also constrain the scheduled time from 7-8 days to just one day.


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