Traditional Picture Rail System UK

It’s official – Australia has gone renovation-crazy! Master Builders Australia expect renovations to top $44 billion over the next few years. That equates to around $8.8 billion per year.

That might sound a lot but it’s great news for those involved in the industry, providing much-needed work at a time when the number of new builds is falling.

Spurred on by TV reno shows like The Block – and the rising cost of moving to a new house– home-owners are choosing to renovate instead. As well as adding more space and better amenities, this can also boost the value of their property.

A report by Houzz revealed that we carry out more interior renovations than exterior, with the living area being the most common room to get a makeover. As you’d expect, kitchen and bathroom improvements also rate highly.

Authentic Restorations

Outside, the most popular improvements are upgrading decks and patios, new fencing, and adding sheds and pergolas.

Many Aussies choose to buy an older home and restore it to its former glory, the original Queenslander being the favourite. You might think that finding authentic materials to do this would be hard; fortunately, it’s easier than you think.

You’d be amazed how many original doors and windows, fretwork and fireplaces you can find on Gumtree and eBay for starters. It’s also worth finding out if there’s a salvage yard in your area, as this can prove to be a gold mine.

Traditional Picture Rail System UK

Whilst ‘original’ is best, you can also source businesses that cleverly reproduce the features you need to complete your renovation. One such example is mouldings, such as skirting boards, architraves and picture rails.

These are being reproduced in wood and plaster and are not as costly as you may think. They are a quick and easy solution to recreating that original Queenslander look.

The idea of using a picture rail actually came from Europe, where they were found in all the best homes. Permanently mounted to the wall, hooks and hangers were then used to display artwork.

If you wish to add a traditional picture rail system UK to your renovation, you will need to source the appropriate hangers and hooks, which you can do through Gallery Systems UK.

Add Looks and Value

With your new picture rail in place, simply order your traditional picture rail system pack. This includes five picture rail hooks, in either solid brass or stainless steel. These hook onto the rail, ready to take the five stainless steel cable hangers, that also come in the pack.

Then you simply slide on the gallery adjustable hooks, choosing from either push-button hooks or Allen key hooks.

The rest is easy; just move the hangers and hooks into the required position and start hanging your favourite pictures and photographs.

Developed after years of research, this amazing system combines traditional authenticity with the functionality of modern design.

Adding a traditional picture rail system to your home will not only add to your pleasure and enjoyment, but also add real value when you decide to sell the property.



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