Traditional Braces – The Metal Of Honour For Brighter Smiles

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Do you know? A smile is the first thing everyone notices in you. Yes! And those are the features which will be remembered for a long time. If you are hiding your smile fearing it will embarrass you, you may end up giving a bad first impression. Everyone deserves a straight smile they are proud of. Because a straight smile is not just beautiful, it also means good oral health.

Dentist Blacktown suggests braces to correct crooked or crowded teeth, misaligned teeth or other jaw problems. With years, we have witnessed much advancement in orthodontic technology that includes high tech appliances. While many inconspicuous options exist, why are traditional metal braces still popular? The actual reason is they work, and they work very well.

What Are Traditional Metal Braces?

Traditional braces include standard metal brackets that are fixed to the teeth and connected with wires. With periodic tightening and steady pressure, they gradually align the teeth and jawline. With advancements in dental technologies, the metal braces are smaller, sleeker and more comfortable than ever.

These traditional braces are cost-effective and suit people at any age. They are the most popular among other orthodontic procedures because of their cost-effectiveness.

How Do Traditional Braces Work?

Each bracket attached to the teeth has edges also known as winds. The dentist Blacktown will connect these brackets with wires which aid in changing the alignment of your teeth helping to achieve the perfect set of teeth. The wires will also be changed by your dentist often.

It takes around 12-20 months to give the desired results depending on the complexity of the treatment. Patients respond differently to the treatments, and not all are the same.

Why Are Traditional Braces The Best Option?

– They are durable, effective and affordable. These are the main reasons why they are more popular among other treatment options. You can feel the difference with each visit to your dentist.
– Traditional braces are more effective in treating extreme overcrowding of teeth than any other options.
– They give the comfort to your orthodontist to even move small increments at a time.
– Wearing these types of braces, you don’t have to worry about any misplacement.
– Nowadays these metal braces are more attractive and visually appealing with a range of colour options for both the wires and brackets.

Taking care of braces:

Caring the traditional braces has become simple nowadays, including,

– Avoid chewy foods that are not bracer-friendly and follow the diets your Blacktown dental suggests.
– Maintain your oral hygiene. Brush and floss regularly.
– Visit your dentist periodically and have your braces adjusted for better quick results.

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