Tours riviera maya mexico with a Geep 4×4

Today I want to describe you one of my favorite tours riviera maya mexico: the one included the visit of Sian Ka’An and Punta Allen. It is a particular type of trip, all done with a Geep 4×4, to try the experience of an adventure tour.

I’m going to describe you my experience, step by step.

  1. The first stop was Sian Ka’An Reserve. It is a natural space, a big Paradise and everybody has to visit this place at least one time in the life. It is a UNESCO Human Heritage from 1987, so you can just image how beauty it is.

The beaches of this area of Mexico are really awesome, with their white sand and with the crystal water of the Caribbean Sea. They are a dream, the perfect site where everybody would like to pass their holydays.

Beautiful are also the fauna you can discover, swimming in Sian Ka’An Biosphere Reserve: the different type of tropical fishes, the turtles (especially the famous type of Riviera Maya), the dolphins, the pelicans, the species of birds, and more. It is a really amazing show for your eyes.

And the flora of this area is amazing too, especially the type of tree that are 30m higher; but the most particular thing of these tree is their shape: oval or circular, with a size of 2km.


  1. The second stop of the most amazing tours in riviera maya is Punta Allen. We are moving now in a totally different type of landscape: we are in a fisher’s village, compound of only 300 inhabitants.

The most scary thing for tourist is that here you can see crocodiles, used to conserve the appearance of the flora.

As we said the all tour will be done with car, a geep 4×4, so is strictly necessary have drive card.

As you can see is a really awesome trip and you can have the opportunity to discover the various type of flora and fauna, presents in Riviera Maya Mexico. Of course the places you can visit in Mexico are more, and some of them are obligatory stops for all people who want to know better Mayan Culture. The activities organized by tours riviera maya mexico are so much, that you really can have the opportunity to try the sensation to leave as Mayan people, try their particular and amazing Gastronomy (UNESCO Cultural Heritage too), looking for gadgets in Mayan Market, walking in their old streets and visiting the ruins and Mayan building, etc.



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