Top Three Tips of Web Design for Small Business

Are you having start-ups or small businesses?  Then you must be seeking web design for small business. Moreover, if you are thinking about web design for small business, you should focus on web design marketing tips. Nowadays, it is extremely essential for every business to have a presence on the web – be it small or mid-size. If you have a strong website, you can effectively market your products and services. This will help you to promote your brand names on various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp and more. Now, let’s check out in this regard the top three tips of web design for small business :

  Make your web design fresh & simple – Always try to make the design of website fresh and simple. This will reflect your brand in a unique way, providing good impression to your visitors, who are coming to your site for the first time. Remember, that your home page is the most significant of all pages as this helps to draw your potential customers. This is the page where your customers will be coming for the first time and this will be an anchor for your overall website. Hence, this should answer all significant questions about what you are doing. The users often read only 30% of the word, during your web visit. As a result of which, you shouldn’t overload your homepage with lots of text. You must also keep in mind that many of your web visitors could come from mobile phones and laptops. So, stay away from designing pages for large monitor size and avoid pages using complex features like navigation or flash animation. Create “call to action” button on your home page.

  Showcase your products clearly – While you are selling your products, ensure that the products and services are clearly showcased on your homepage. If you fail to effectively portray your product and service offerings on your website, your customers may leave your site within a few seconds. Make use of professional videos or photographs of your business on web design for small business. This goes in making an effective first impression to your visitors who are coming to your site for the first time. Ensure the fact that your product photos or graphical images are clean, crisp and apt. There is no doubt that you can create a great web design. However, if your product photographs look terrible on your website, your customers may think twice before purchasing your products. Make a research on how renowned online stores are presenting their products. You can also present your products without making use of photographs. You can explain about what each product is doing. Nevertheless, don’t try to overload your website with graphics or photographs. It’s of no doubt that picture says a thousand words but pictures can sometimes confuse the attention of your visitors. Take a few good snap shots of your products and feature these products on homepage.

  Think about the load time of your website – You must not forget that people in general are impatient while browsing websites. Hence, if the load time of your site is slow, it may mar your conversions. If your web design is graphically rich, you should have the right hardware infrastructure as well as bandwidth for supporting the designs.  This is mostly significant if you serve a large customer data base and expect significant site traffic.

Follow these tips of web design for small business and maximize your return on investment.


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