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The Gatekeeper’s Stronghold Pack has been available again in the Cartel Market, with the current price of 150 Cartel Coins. You can get some precious goods, rare bonus items and even super rare items from Swtor Gatekeeper Pack, so read the information below with cheap swtor credits if you have interests.

Swtor Gatekeeper Pack available again for 150 CC

Gatekeeper’s Stronghold Pack is one of the new items in Cartel Market from February 5, 2018. The pack is an assortment of precious goods from the Stronghold Shipments, and each pack contains rare bonus items. Here is what you can find in Swtor Gatekeeper Pack:
1 bonus Stronghold decoration
2 Rare bonus items with a chance of a Super Rare
1 boost item, for either experience or Social Points
1 companion gift of at least Prototype quality
1 Binary Star Reality item
A varied amount of Scrap Materials which can be traded to a Scrap Peddler on the fleet
The price of Swtor Gatekeeper Pack is 150 CC now in the Cartel Market, cheaper than its most common price (210 CC). It’s a good chance to buy the back now if you want it.

Other changes on Swtor Cartel Market from Feb 5

New Items:
Volatile Weapon Tuning (2000 CC)
Hypercrate: Gatekeeper’s Stronghold Packs (3240 CC)
New Discount:
Outlander Character Token (1000 CC) 50% discount
Galactic Hero Hairstyles (180 CC) 25% discount
The items in the Cartel Market are purchased with Cartel Coins. If you wonder how to earn more Cartel Coins, you could read what we wrote previously about Cartel Coins farming to make it clear.

Seize the chance if you really want Swtor Gatekeeper Pack and have enough Cartel Coins.

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