Top Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

When interviewing marketing candidates, there are lots of questions you can ask. However, you need to stay focused on questions that will help you uncover the marketing skills and personality of the candidate. Here are top marketing interview questions and answers you must look into.

What Is Positioning?

Positioning refers to the distinct way a marketer gets close to a customer’s mind and creates a positive impression about the product or service. The candidate should be able to communicate a product’s attributes to the target customer based on their needs.

The potential candidate should be aware of the available communication channels, competitive pressures, and should be able to craft creative messages taking all these factors into consideration.

What Is Segmentation?

Market segmentation refers to the grouping of customers with similar needs who are more likely to display similar purchase behavior. There are different types of segmentation like.

Demographic- segmentation based on gender, age, income, and family size

Geographic – segmentation based on geographic criteria like nations, countries, state, region, neighborhoods, cities, and postal codes.

The candidate should know the geo-cluster approach that combines demographic data with geographic data to accurate profiles. For example, one can sell summer clothing successfully in hot regions.

What Is the Value Chain?

The value chain refers to a chain of activities a business performs to deliver a product or service to market. The candidate should know the role of the value chain in minimizing costs to customers. Some important value chain factors are inbound and outbound logistics and resellers which have to be managed efficiently to minimize costs to customers.

What Is Customer Lifetime Value?

This is one of the important marketing interview questions and answers that will help you study the depth of marketing knowledge a candidate possesses.

Customer lifetime value (CLV) can be defined as the prediction of the net profit attributed to the entire future relationship with the customer. It is an important concept which encourages businesses to shift focus from quarterly net profits to building long-term healthy relationships with the customer.

The potential candidate should be able to tell when to start focusing on customer lifetime value, how to identify right customers for building CLV and how to go about it. Not all customers are equally important, and the candidate should know the CLV based segmentation model that allows targeting the most profitable group of customers.

What Is a Vertical Marketing System?

A Vertical Marketing system refers to a business model where main members of the distribution channel (manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer) work together as a unified group to meet customer requirements.

In traditional marketing systems, the three members (manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer) work independently of each other trying to maximize their profits that reduce profits for the entire distribution channel.

That’s it. These are some of the top marketing interview questions and answers that you need to ask every potential candidate and analyze the answers to find the star marketing candidate for your organization. Do you’ve any questions?


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