Top 5 Yoga Asanas for Back Pain

Long sitting hours in the offices or for our work has made our skin prone to different kinds of problems, one being the severe back ache in the young generation. Period. Yes, actually, the issue is not new anymore and be it the cubicle desks, the long hour sitting in the cabs in the traffic, etc have made our lives a bit tough by giving us back aches. The only thing to blame here is our lifestyle as we can see. But, the only thing that we can help ourselves with is also our lifestyle. Switching from a good old relaxed lifestyle to a bit flexible lifestyle that includes a lot of fitness and healthy regimes can actually help us get rid of such useless things from our lives. Imbibing yoga in our daily lives as a routine can help us get over such issues completely. Coming here in this blog are the top 5 yoga asanas for back pain issues.

  1. Adho Mukho Svanasana

The downward facing dog pose is one of the most incredible yoga poses to try out and keep in the routine because it has a lot of benefits and can make your lives a lot better. It works for the entire body and the soul from within and even outside. For the back pain it is helpful because it stretches your entire spinal cord and brings flexibility in it.

Process: Stand on the ground with your feet a bit apart. Bend down with keeping your knees straight and stretch your palm as in the picture on the ground. Your head should be touching the ground too. Repeat it 10 times at least.

  1. Salabhasana

The locust pose is known to increase the strength of your back, spine, hips, and the legs. This one opens up your chest, stimulates kidneys, and also improves digestion getting you free from the acidity issues. Because of the stretching the back pain will be reduced. But, the yoga asana is not suggested to be done by the pregnant ladies, by women when on menstruation, and if you suffered an injury on legs, shoulders, arms, hips, or back.

Process: Lie down on the ground on your stomach and keep your feet together and your arms on the sides of your torso. Lift your upper body, arms, and the legs as shown. Hold the position for few seconds and get back to the normal position. Repeat it for 10 times.

  1. Trikosana

The triangle pose is another miracle pose to do daily because it is helpful for a lot of issues and also is quite easy to do. It cuts the excess fat on the sides of your body and mainly hip area, it tones your stomach, brings flexibility, and also strengthens your spine. For the back pain it is great because it involves extreme stretching.

Process: Stand straight on the ground with your feet apart. Bend sideways as in the picture without bending your knees and go down till you touch your toes. Don’t bend forward and only side wards because that should be the aim. Do not force your body to go extreme down in one go, you will improve with time. Repeat it from both the sides regularly.

  1. Marjaryasana

The name may sound tough but this cat or the cow pose is quite easy to do. This is such a great pose that helps you in relieving stress and massaging your entire back area. It makes your back limber and healthier.

Process: Sit down on the ground on all your four limbs like a cow or a cat just like in the picture. Your arms should be exactly under your shoulders and not stretched out. Your knees should be under your hips. Push your chest downwards while taking a deep breath. Your tailbone should be upwards and belly downwards. Now, exhale and round your spine, tilt your head towards the floor and draw your pubic bone forward. Repeat it for 5 times in the start.

  1. Balasana

If you are taking the Balasana or the child’s pose lightly then you are doing too wrong to yourself. Balasana is quite easy and is filled with tonnes of benefits one being curing the back ache as it stretches the spine in the correct direction that is needed. It also reduces stress effectively.

Process: Sit down on the ground on your knees as shown. Bend down and stretch your body front forward and make sure your head touches the ground. Get back to the normal position post holding the pose for some time. Repeat it for some time.


It is totally a no brainer that doing all of these yoga asanas consistently can bring a change in your life. It will not be an overnight success for sure and it needs to take its own sweet time but the above yoga asanas would assure that you will get relived from the back ache. It would also involve a bit of your posture change in sitting and sleeping which we are pretty sure you will get better with when you start yoga asanas and get habituated with it.



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