Tom Vitale was born in January 1967 in United States of America.He completed his graduation from the Williams College and sat in the board of Williams’s club since 10 years and actively participates in William alumni activity.

He started working on television in late 80’s, at present he is an Executive Vice President of programming and original movies for SyFy and chiller.

Tom is the chief head and is responsible for the attaining, scheduling of all programming and as well as the development and commissioning of original movies and specials for both networks. Since 1987 he has been playing an important role in television field with stints at Viacom in program syndication and NBC.

In 1999 Tom Vitale co-produced the off Broadway play called ‘DYSLEXIC HEART’.

Tom Vaile the financial planner is the CEO of VEEBOW company that join leads of buyers with other savvy companies through local, special and regional deals.

Tom Vitale married the famous star Valerie Bertinelli, a high profile celebrity actress Valerie, she was married for 25 years to her ex-husband Eddie Van Halen,and Tom Vitale Financial Planner is now the stepfather to Valerie’s son Wolfie.

Here are few important things about Tom Vitale the financial planner.

  • Tom was first married to her Ex-wife Sharon and had four children.
  • Tom Vitale had a shady past, as per the sources he was arrested for attacking her ex-wife and pinning her to the ground, he has been charged with other allegations too and this time it was for punching his own son.
  • He was also ordered to go for 12 weeks of anger management class to control his ruckus behavior.
  • Tom Vitale is 48 years old whereas ValerieBertinelli is 50 years old.
  • Tom lives with Valerie in Malibu.
  • To the fact Tom invited Valerie’s ex-husband Van Halen to the wedding.
  • Tom Vitale and Valerie are together since 2004and got engaged in 2010 while on a trip to Italy.
  • The lovely couple was quite afraid of commitment, first decided to marry in front of two witnesses but quickly the guest list numbered to hundred including Valerie’s son Wolfie and her ex-husband Eddie Van Halen for the wedding ceremony

Tom Vitale an American producerand television executive has done well in his life with his finance planning capability and earned good amount of money his total net worth is of $5 million dollars.



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