Tissue Paper Converting Machines Market 2018 | Revenue, Top Manufacturers 2027

“According to the latest market report published by Trends market research (TMR) titled “Tissue Paper Converting Machines Marketby 2027,” Toilet rolls tissue paper converting machines segmentis expected to be the largest contributor to the global tissue paper converting machines market over the forecast period, 2018-2027.Globally, the revenue generated from sales of tissue paper converting machines has been estimated to be around US$ 1,123.8Mnin 2016, and is projected to increase at a CAGR of XX% during forecast period 2018-2027.
The globally rising urban population and increasing concern among the consumers regarding proper hygiene has propelled the market for tissue paper products. This inclination in the demand of tissue paper products has been recognised by the tissue paper converting firms across the globe. This has led to the expansion in the production capacity of multinational tissue paper products manufacturers by either adding machinery to the manufacturing facility or by acquiring the emerging small and regional tissue converting companies. The trend among tissue paper converting firms to expand the production capacity to meet the increasing demand of tissue paper products has fuelled the tissue paper converting machines market.
Due to rapid expansion of globaltissue paper products production capacity, the required production capacity to meet the global demand of tissue paper products has reached to around 80% of the present production capacity. Thus, the global overcapacity of tissue paper products production has restrained the growth of tissue paper converting machines market. Moreover, the slower acceptance of proper hygiene in developing countries of Asia Pacific is the reason for low per capita consumption of tissue paper, while the demand for the same is expected to rise at a considerable pace. China and India are the producers of low production capacity tissue paper converting machines at very low prices as compared to the machines manufactured by European and North American manufacturers. Thus, a large portion of tissue paper converting machines demand in the region is served by low cost machines produced by regional players. This fact has restrained the global revenue generated by the tissue paper converting machines market.
Industry 4.0, which is the wireless connectivity among various machinery in the production line with the help of technology such as internet of things (IOT), cognitive computing, cyber-physical systems and others, is the trend impacting the tissue paper converting machines market players across the globe. Other than this, the tissue paper converting firms keep on innovating to improve the brand position in the global market. This leads to the demand of highly customized machines over the standard tissue paper converting solutions. To enhance the pace of production of tissue paper products, the key market players are focusing on developing the rewinding machine, which is highly responsible for the productivity of the complete converting line. Forte rewinder launched by PCMC, and Constellation technology based rewinder launched by Fabio Perini are trend setter for the tissue paper converting machines market.
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Although, the key global players of tissue paper converting market has made the market highly competitive for the small and emerging players to sustain in the market, the private label brands of tissue paper products are experiencing considerable growth. Thus, the increasing market for nationwide retail chains and their attraction towards the tissue paper market has created ample opportunities for the tissue paper converting machines market players. In terms of opportunity created by the geographical regions, North Africa is expected to create very high opportunity for the market. This is due to more than twice the demand of tissue paper than the tissue paper converting capacity of the region. Thus, North Africa creates a lucrative market for the global tissue paper converting firms to export to the region, and also for regional players to emerge in the region.
Some of the players operating in the global tissue paper converting machines market include Fabio Perini S.p.A, Paper Converting Machine Company Italia S.p.A., Omet S.R.L., KawanoeZoki Co., Ltd., MtorresDisenosIndustriales Sau, BaoSuo Paper Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd., A.Celli Group, United Converting S.R.L., Futura S.p.A., Dechangyu Paper Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd., Gambini S.p.A, C.G. Bretting Manufacturing Co. Inc., Wangda Industrial Co., Limited, ZambakKagitSan.VeTic.Ltd.Sti., Unimax Group Engineering & Development Corporation, Tissuewell S.R.L., 9. Septembar- Tissue Converting D.O.O., Maflex S.R.L., Hinnli Co., Ltd., and Chan Li Machinery Co., Ltd.”
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