Tips to Use the Social Media Tools For Event Success

One of the major reasons of holding event by the companies is to engage the audience and gain visibility.

If you’re main goal is to satisfy event attendees, you are not alone. Amazingly, 84% of respondents said that attendee satisfaction was their main goal when planning an event.

Social media is a powerful tool to create awareness, stimulate engagement and gain exposure around events. Leveraging social media before, during, and after the event enables you to create interaction that can deepen relationships with your audience. Social media also offers the opportunity to involve attendees in the actual organization process. By asking your audience to vote for their favorite speakers, bands or activities, you can create an event program that you know people will enjoy. What’s more, by giving attendees a voice and making them feel involved, you’re also likely to increase the affinity they feel towards the event.

Events planners has largely started making use of social media tools to increase the engagement rate and also reward their audiences. Here are few tips to make an effective social media strategy for your event:

Use Hashtags:

When used appropriately, hashtags can prove to be a great tool to promote the event online.

Event managers consistently make use of the hash tags dedicated to the event to create a greater reach and make a more potent tool to pen opportunities to connect to more audience online. Hashtags are a quick tool to connect all of your attendees online, and can make other social media users interested in joining the conversation, creating more buzz around the event.

A dedicated Facebook page is a must:

 Creating a dedicated page for the event has today become one of the necessities for  promotion and marketing of the event. It acts as an information page for a particular event. People can visit and gather information about the updates through this page.

 Constant Contact:

 Publish regular updates about the event and even get attendees involved before the event agenda is finalized by asking them if they have a favorite speaker or activity. Letting attendees be involved in the planning process will make them feel invested and build even more anticipation ahead of the event.

 Multi channel integration:

Promoting your event across all social media channels may increase awareness of the event since prospective attendees might already follow you on different channels.

Each channel provide a unique set of benefits and the event managers can use them to gather a good audience and involvement rates for their events.

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