Tips to Make Your Garage a Safe Haven for Kids

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You might feel a little bit doubtful when you think about allowing your kids play alone in the garage room. The reason might be – All you were probably not allowed in your garage as a child. Garages are usually dirty, filled with hazardous materials and can be a very dangerous place. So, it’s no surprise in advising your children to stay out of a garage. But why can’t take some extra measures to transform your garage room into a safe play area for your kids, so they have someplace to play & run even when the climatic condition worsen.

If you take a look at the garage room, you probably see few unsafe substances such as sharp edge power tools, flammable liquids, toxic paints etc. So to turn your garage room into the safe haven for kids, here are some of the important steps to follow to make it a safe place for everyone, especially kids.

Tip #1 – Store Hazardous Chemicals and Other Substances Out of Reach from Children

Hazardous substances, sharp edged power tools, flammable liquids and other toxic substances need to be sealed properly and stored in cabinets, preferably with a lock and key attached. Make sure to keep all those chemicals and other toxic substances out of sight as well.

Tip #2 – Unplug All Electric Tools

As mentioned in the Tip #1, store the power tools out sight from your children. And also, make sure to unplug them from the outlets. So that there would be more chance for kids to accidentally operate them.

Tip #3 – Teach Your Children about the Operation of Garage Doors

Call your professional garage door repair Boise and ask them to explain the process of opening and closing of a garage door to your children. And also, instruct them on the do’s and don’ts of garage door. Advise them never to push the garage door opener button, as it can be easily tampered with. Ask your Boise garage door repair experts to install the control panel at least 5 feet away from the ground which is typically out of reach for children.

Tip #4 – Keep an Eye on Your Children

No matter, how safe your garage room is, you should always keep an eye on your children. Make sure you leave the garage door open while you are working in the yard or if you go inside the house, so that you can hear, and react quickly if something happens.


The above are few of the tips to make your garage room a safe play place for your kid. Apart from all the above things, to make your garage room the safest place, you need to make sure that your Garage Door is in the best condition. If you’ve doubt whether you’re garage door is in the pristine condition or not, contact the Boise garage door professionals today! They will inspect the garage door and offer tune-up service that can give you the reassurance you need that your garage door is safe for your kids.

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