Tips to fix Cell Phone Charging Problem

In 2018, nearly 240 million people of the us are using a Smartphone. People are using more and more Cell phones with the passage of time. You can easily manage your small business by using a Smartphone or tablet. These wireless electronic gadgets are used in so big quantity. They come up with many types of issues like mobile charging issue, software related issues or hardware component that gets damaged. For all of these faults, Phone repairing is the place. There are many online mobile repairing courses and tutorial classes. Here we are sharing some DIY tips to repair your Mobile Phone in just simple steps.

Let’s discussion of certain issues that we face while using a phone. A most common problem in Mobile is the charging issue. This basic issue that everyone facing while using Cell Phone. Charging a phone has always been a task. Every time, it is less charged or overcharged in comparison to the usage. Although we come across many issues like software problems, Headphone jack issues, volume control, touch pads, adapter issue, faulty USB port etc. And many others, but  Mobile charging seems the most common concern in this area.

However, major Cell Phone Charging Port damaged issues can be solved by mobile repair technicians. MobileSentrix shares some common techniques which are really helpful to resolve you’re charging problem. Examine how you can learn how to fix mobile repairing issues:

  • Turn-off your mobile and restart

This is the simplest method to fix the charging problem. This is the first trick when your cell phone does not charge. Simply switch off your phone and after 1 or 2 minute Switch on your Cell Phone. By doing this, you will kill the unwanted Application in the background. This will also clear unwanted data running. Clearing off the data will make the phone easy to work.

  • Check the charging cable properly

In many cases, we do not check the charging cable of our Cell Phones and charging cable has the issue in charging a mobile phone. The cable may be curled, jingled, distorted or may not be working in a proper state in order to charge the mobile properly. At least one time you must try inserting a new charging cable, it may charge your phone. If not, you should try second tips to fix your charging issue.

  • Clean your Mobile Charging Port

This is the best technique to fix mobile Charging issue. When we are using our Mobile phone normally, sometimes the dust in the charging port has filled up so that your mobile phone cannot charge properly. You can use the Phone brush to clean your cell phone charging port. After clean charging port, you should try to charge your mobile phone. If your phone is charged, then the happy moment for you, or if not charged then you should try another way.

  • Change Damaged Charging Port

This is a little hard repairing way of mobile. You need to use some Mobile repair tools.

Step-1, use the screwdriver to remove the bottom two-screws,

Step-2, Place your Suction Cup on Phone Screen and gently pry up from the bottom. Need to be careful because the entire screen is attached by several cables, so remove those cables and free your LCD Screen.

Step-3, now you can see the holding bracket on charging port, you need to remove the holding bracket by using a screwdriver. After Remove Bracket, eject damaged charging port and replace with the new and working Charging port.

Step-4, After Attach new charging port, check your mobile phone charged or not? If yes, then you can fix your new charging port. Now fix Holding Bracket and Reattach LCD Screen.

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