Tips for Pairing Food and Wine


It is rightly said, “Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life’s most civilised pleasures.” Food and wine go hand-in-hand, and the great thing about wine is that it brings out the flavours of food to form a tasty combination. Imagine a fat juicy steak and a glass of red wine – Isn’t it a great combination? But, the key is pairing the right food with the right wine.

When it comes to food and wine pairing, you don’t have to master a complicated systems for selecting the right wine from the best online wine store in UK. It isn’t rocket science. These simple guidelines will successfully help pair the food and wine.

Keep it simple

There is no wine pairing on Earth that will make it work for you. It is all going to be a trial and error method. Instead of hoping a food match will improve the wine that you don’t like, buy wine online UK that you like the most. Even if the pairing is not perfect, you could still enjoy what you are drinking. The same goes for food as well.

Strike the balance

If you don’t know anything about matching food and wine, remember, balance is the key. When pairing, consider the richness of both the dish and wine. Ensure the wine and food are in equal parts and it not overwhelm each other. If you balance correctly, the pairing will succeed. This is one of the secrets behind many classic wine and food matches. How will you determine the weight? For the dish, you have to consider the cooking method, seasonings and the sauce, as it is the main contributor. For wine, you need to consider the colour, grape variety, alcohol level, and the regions’ climate.

Consider structure and texture

Elements in food can diminish or accentuate the acidity and sweetness of a wine, and the bitterness of its tannins. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to texture and density. While rich foods and wines blend together, delicate dishes do well when paired with lighter, more elegant wines. As long as a wine balances its sugar with acidity, it goes well with many dishes.

Consider the age

While fresh wines give way to earthy and savoury notes, aged wines present a different set of textures and flavours. Aged wines are more delicate and graceful. Stick to a simple dish when choosing foods for older wines, and choose heavy dishes with more powerful flavours for young wines.

With these tips, you can make good food and wine pairings. In case you are struggling, stick to the wine you prefer. With experience, you may be able to create perfect matches that enhance both the food and wine. Looking to buy red wine online? Explore the range of red wine at Great Wines

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