Tips for ordering customized bulk stationery online

Saving time and money is one of the key reasons why everyone prefers to buy online. The internet is flooded with a plethora of websites where one can purchase anything from a matchstick to giant machinery – all with some few keystrokes. But today, we’re going to talk about what to know before ordering personalized envelopes and letterheads online in bulk – the do’s and don’ts. So, let’s begin.

Amazon, Staples and OfficeDepot are some of the popular names that sell almost every kind of office supplies you might require. These e-commerce giants are the best at selling “prebuilt” stationery to consumers – they offer unbeatable prices, wide a variety of choices in colours, cost and material. One just needs to go through their filters to find beautifully designed products at attractive prices.

But what if one already has a custom design in mind? You might be a large business looking to replenish their letterhead stock with a new logo or a newly opened family business that (for the first time) wants to buy envelopes online in bulk. Buying large quantities of stationery is always a smart investment as it saves time and money. But if you want to personalize your stock, here are a few tips that mind save you some major headache.

• Check for lowest unit price
Just like any other business, bulk manufacturers for customized stationery face tough competition due to which they have to keep underbidding each other. Play this to your advantage. Always state that you’re getting a better price and you’ll be surprised at how cheap customized office stationery can be. This is especially true in case of ordering letterheads online in bulk or any other office supplies. The general rule here is the larger the order, the lesser the price.

• Customizing options
Bulk stationery manufacturers will provide you with two options – either choose a design from their sample portfolio or use your own design from scratch. The former is a safer option which new companies could go for. You only need to provide basic personal preferences like logo and text for the letterheads or colour and type for pens and pencils.

While personalizing your stock is preferable if you already have a crystal clear design in mind that simply needs to be printed. Be warned though, many a time buyers do not like the final product. To put it in their words, “the actual product doesn’t match the design they had envisioned”.

• Ask for a sample
Experienced manufacturers always keep samples from previous client orders and will gladly send you some of their recommended pieces. It’s always better to test these thoroughly before you buy envelopes online in bulk or any other supplies. Even if the design looks good on screen, testing it physically is a smart move. You don’t want to be stuck with thousands of pens with inks that dry out quickly or low-quality paper that gets easily torn with an eraser.

• Always go through trusted manufacturers
While you might receive beautiful samples of to choose from, chances are when your bulk order arrives; you might realize you’ve been duped. You might find it a mixture of low and high-quality material. This is why it’s best to avoid new businesses offering unbelievable prices or designs. Always stick to reputed companies that have ample of experience and received positive reviews.



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