Three Common Myths About Cell Phone Repairs That You Need to Ignore


The internet is bombarded with DIY iPhone repairs, and it is no wonder many try to fix their phone by searching the internet for solutions. However, not everybody succeeds with DIY repairs. Instead, they end up in expensive iPhone repairs Sydney. It’s due to lack of knowledge and tools.

Along with good solutions, there are plenty of incorrect suggestions on the internet that can lead to further damages of the device. Not to mention the cell phone repair rumours that tend to misguide people. As Stephen L. Carter says, “Rumour is rarely more interesting than fact, but it is always more readily available, rumours tend to be rumours and not facts. Here are common myths about cell phone repairs that you need to avoid.

The iPhone Repairs Are Expensive

Just because you have had some bad experience, it doesn’t mean that you’ll experience the same. There are many authentic cell phone repairs centres that provide affordable and high-quality iPhone repairs in Sydney. Sometimes, the parts may not be available locally and have to be shipped from outside. So, what you are paying is not just for the service but also for the genuine parts which are going to be used in your device. So, iPhone repairs are not expensive.

If a Third-Party Centre Repairs, the Warranty will be Void

While it is true that you may void the warranty if a third-party fix the device if you have some time left in your warranty period, Apple doesn’t cover water damages even if you have warranty. Yes, if your iPhone is waterlogged or the display is broken or damaged, the warranty doesn’t apply to these damages. Besides, if the issue is related to settings and the device could be fixed without dismantling it, you would not lose the warranty. The iPhone screen repairs Sydney should be handled properly as it is complicated and requires the right tools to replace the screen.

Your Device Will Never Be the Same After Repair

This is truly a myth. As far as your device is in good hands, your iPhone will function properly. There are chances of malfunctioning of you fix your device by following DIY techniques. The cell phone repair technicians are certified, experienced, and they know how to dismantle and assemble the device without causing any damages. For instance, if you have dropped your iPhone, you may have broken the LCD and not the motherboard. By just changing the LCD, the device will be as good as new.

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